Saturday, 25 April 2015

Super Saturday

I have had another crackin' day. It is still quite cold on my little island. In fact, my little weather-man friend said it will be hailing here tomorrow and it was doing that today so I might just stay in my little bed tomorrow if it is as cold as today. However, we all got up this morning and my DH told us that he would be working in our greenhouse and I told him that I would be helping, so that was fine. No argument there!

I sat with the old dear on my couch for a while as she wasn't doing very much so we spent time together and she stroked me for a long while before she decided to do some letters and I toddled off and lay on my little bed. When I came back into my living room, I noticed that she was making some more friendship bracelets and she was just at the stage where she was measuring and cutting all the little bits of thread and so with one of my hair-raising leaps I was right up on the table in amongst all the threads and helping her to pick them up. Well, I meant to pick them up, but I am afraid my adorable little paws had other ideas and the threads went all over the floor and the Boss wasn't best pleased as you can image. However, I did help her to pick them up again and as usual, I was forgiven.

I sat and watched her for a while and then she asked me if I wanted to go and see what my DH was doing and in another of the aforementioned leaps, I was at the door waiting for her to catch up. We wandered round to the greenhouse although my poor old MH had to struggle against the wind at one point, but with my help she made it and we went and chatted to the old boy who told us what he was thinking about doing this year. I shall listen very carefully the next time and I shall tell you.

While the humans were chatting, I took my adorable little self out to play and I ran all over my garden and my MH caught this brilliant picture of me at full stretch. I like it even though it is through the greenhouse window and I hope you will like it too.

I had a really good afternoon and although it is still cold, I have been out lots of times, but just for very short times and every time I go home, I jump in the window and stand on the chair just waiting for the cuddle that I know I always get.

Oh yes, I just LOVE super Saturdays and I hope you do too.

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