Saturday, 4 April 2015


Can you guess why I am happy? All the work in my bathroom is finished and apart from some little bits of work, my humans have told me that all their time is now for ME! I am an ecstatic little puss. I was born to be cuddled and pampered and I have so missed that while the humans have been busy, but I know for a fact that I will be the centre of attention for ever 'cos I heard my DH tell the Boss that he will never touch another paintbrush or roller ever again! I did a little cartwheel when I heard that! What a shame my MH and her camera missed me! Hee hee

It hasn't been a very good day on my little island so I have just been out for little trips and every time I come in I have to wait for my MH to dry me as my adorable little body has been quite wet and I don't like that much but by the time she is finished I feel a lot better and I usually give her a big purr to say thank you.

I still have my bit of string from yesterday and today's picture is me in attack mode and I am just about to spring on the string and give it a great big fright. I just love bits of string and every Friday I get a new bit so I am a very lucky puss. There is no expense spared on my presents.

I didn't see my duck friends today. Maybe they were here when we weren't looking or maybe it was just too wet for them. I shall look again tomorrow. My MH says she will put a picture of our new bathroom on so that you can see what they have been doing and we all want to wish you a happy Easter and hope you get lots of lovely eggs!

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