Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Girlie Day

This weekend is Folk Festival weekend in Stromness and the lovely people in the Cat Shop decided to open today, so my DH went away in the boat leaving me and my MH to have a girlie Sunday.

It was quite a nice day, so the old dear decided to change the sheets and the duvet covers which is always the signal for this little puss to click into kitten mode and jump all over the beds and into duvet covers. I have a simply brilliant time normally and today was no exception. My MH loves it when I play with her although she told my DH when he comed home that it took her nearly two times as long to do her work with me helping. Now, sums are not my strongest point but I think that two times something is better that one times something. Is it not? Anyway, we had lots of good fun and when my HH's friend phoned her in the middle of it all, I slided in and out of the duvet while the old dear tried to catch me and tickle me and I was a very happy little Squeak.

Later in the afternoon, two of my MH's friends came to see us and I'm afraid I got into a wee bit of trouble 'cos they were looking at some materials and there was a long bit hanging down from P.'s knee and when she was talking it was sort of waggling back and fro and I was watching it very, very carefully. Now, my dear old MH knows me very well and she knew what was coming but I'm afraid P. didn't until it was too late and then she screamed. Why? Well, I watched this 'thing' moving and then I wriggled my adorable little bum and sprang on it, but the only problem was that my little claws just somehow stuck into P.'s leg and that's what made her shout out and she called me a little monkey, but she smiled 'cos I think she loves me too. But she put all the material back in her bag! :-(

When they went away, me and my MH sat on my couch and she stroked me and cuddled me and we had a quiet time until my DH came home again and told us all about his day. He had enjoyed himself so that meant that we were all very happy and that we all had had a very good Sunday.

I hope you have had a good Sunday too.

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