Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Question

If somebody who looks after the sheeps is a shepherd and somebody who looks after the cows is called a cowherd, what do you call somebody who looks after ducks? I think it might be a duckherd and if that's what it is, then that's what I am. Well, that's what me and my MH are.

This morning after my DH went away on the boat, me and my MH were looking out of the window and we saw that the three ducks were inside my garden and the Boss was not at all happy. She doesn't mind them in the field, but she definitely didn't want them in my garden, so she flew out of the door as fast as her little legs could go, and naturally I was right behind her. I was actually in front of her, but I don't want to embarrass her, so I just pretend.

We wandered up beside the ducks and rounded them up with me at one side and her at the other shouting 'shoo ducks' and the ducks shoo'd right out of the gate which my MH shut, but it is OK for me, 'cos I can slide under it. I didn't want to tell her but when I was having a chat to said ducks later on, they told me they could slide under it too. Oh dear! It was good fun though, and I really liked being a duckherd cat. That is something else I can put on my rather vast CV!

Later on in the afternoon when we were in the gym, I had a good look at the new lawn mower and I have to admit it is a nice bit of machinery, but I will never be its friend. I shall merely tolerate it and my humans have accepted that. They were both out in the garden when my DH came home and he played with it for a wee while and I heard my MH say that if the weather stayed good, then she will cut the grass with it tomorrow.

So guess what I am doing tonight! :-)))

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