Monday, 4 May 2015

Another Monday

But quite a nice Monday. Not nice enough for the lawn mower though as there was some rain so the grass is too wet and besides that, the mower still won't start. Oh I am beside myself with happiness!

My DH skipped away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH sat on the couch for a while as she had her breakfast and then I had the last wee drop of milk in her dish which I just love. Now here's problem for you. Nearly every morning, my MH has some muesli with fruit and milk and I love the last of the milk, but if she is going to have her lunch in the town then she just has some corn flakes and when she gives me the milk I don't like it and we can't work out what the difference is. I think we shall have to do a series of experiments to satisfy this adorable little puss cat's curiosity. Unless you have any ideas?

As it was Monday, the vacuum cleaner and dusters all came out to play in my house, so I lay on the back of my couch well out of harm's way and just watched her, but every now and then I would nip outside to see what was happening and to have a word with the Daisys who are both very fine. My MH had quite an easy day so she had lots of time for me and we sat on the couch for a while and just chatted, but I did get into a wee bit of trouble I'm afraid. She is still making her friendship bracelets and to get them ready she has to take out some embroidery threads and then cut sixteen bits all the same size. OK? Now, when there are threads all dangling in front of one, what is a mischievous little puss supposed to do? OK, OK. I know I am supposed to sit and watch, but you all know how much I like to help and I am very much a 'paws on' type of puss, if you know what I mean! So every time a bit of thread wafted my way I tried to grab it and the old dear was beginning to get a wee bit annoyed, but I gave her one of my 'butter wouldn't melt' looks and she was putty in my paws, although there wasn't much room 'cos they were full of threads! Hee hee! It was good fun though and I can't wait until she has to do another one. I shall help her, of course.

Later on in the afternoon, we went into the gym and once I had seen that her little legs were busy on the treadmill, I nipped through the fence and played in the field until she was all finished and then we played in the garden for a while until my DH came driving home again. So it has been a good Monday so far and I am now having a snooze in my wee hoose until it is time to go out to play later on.It looks as though it is going to be a fine night so I will probably stay out until it is late time 'cos that's when I just love being out.

There are more and more birdies coming back to my little island and I saw a lovely curlew today, but so far there are no pesky swallows to annoy me although I know they will be coming for their holidays soon. I do like them but not when they are dive bombing me.

Naughty swallows!

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