Thursday, 28 May 2015

Another no news day

.... but it has been a good day just the same. I have been making my MH wonder what I I have been getting up to when I go outside 'cos this morning I did the very same as I did yesterday and raced out of the door as soon as the old dear got up. I didn't even wait for my breakfast! I heard her telling my DH that she wanted to follow me but I scooted away too quickly for her. Then she said she was going to put a camera on me so that she could see what I was doing, but I am not at all in favour of that idea. After all, a puss needs her privacy, does she not?

I was out for quite a long time. In fact, I timed it almost perfectly 'cos just as I was knocking on the window to get in, my MH was putting the vacuum cleaner away and was just playing with some of her dusters and that doesn't upset me at all. So I reckon I could not have timed it any better and I was so, so hungry! I gobbled up my food so quickly that there was steam coming from my dish and then of course I got the hiccups and that made my humans smile but then my MH lifted me up and rubbed my adorable little tummy and that made some of my dinner shift inside me and the hiccups stopped. How does she know to do that, I wonder? I don't really care, but it helped a lot.

The rest of my day was a bit more relaxed with a few short trips outside and lots of snoozes on my couch while I watched my humans doing all the things that they needed to do, but every now and then, my MH would stop and talk to me and I just purred back at her and that made us both very happy. So no news, but lots of contentment.

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