Saturday, 30 May 2015

Happy, Happy Squeak

Oh thank you my little weather man friend. Last night when he was on my television, I asked my little weather man friend if I could please have a warm, sunny day today 'cos I so wanted to spend a whole day outside, and guess what he did? He heard me and he made the weather good for me, so I am a very happy little puss and a very grateful one too.

As soon as I saw that it was a sunny day and it was not windy or wet, I asked my MH to let me out please as soon as she got up. She did that and left my dinner on my little plate so I could get it whenever I dived in through my window. She knows I get very excited when the weather is good 'cos it means that I can play outside as long as I want and that makes for one very happy pussy cat.

The door and the windows were all open today so I could get in anywhere in my house and I spent a lot of time just lying on the path listening to the birdies, but then I got a surprise 'cos the nice farmer next door brought a mummy cow with her baby into the field in front of my house. So I shall have to go and introduce myself tonight if the mummy cow doesn't mind. It is a very young baby so I will need to be careful that the mummy cow doesn't chase me.

I didn't even get annoyed when my MH decided to cut our grass 'cos when she uses her new lawn mower it doesn't take her too long and I just followed her round my garden and watched her and then when she was finished, she came and sat with me on the bench and we were there for a long time just having a rest and a wee chat as we listened to the birdies. She put some water out for them and I checked it to make sure it was just right for them and that made the old dear smile.

We had a very good afternoon and my DH was out a lot of times with us too and he laughed at me when I was rolling on my grass 'cos I was getting into some funny shapes and that was just because I was a very happy little Squeak.

If my little weather man friend is back on my television again tonight I am going to ask him for another good day tomorrow. I don't want to be too greedy
but I just love being able to be outside all day, and, if I have anything to do with it, I shall be out for most of tonight too!

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