Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Humans

It was raining this morning and quite blowy when we got up and my humans were happy. Not because the weather wasn't good but because they had got all their work done yesterday when it was sunny and dry.

We had our usual lazy Sunday and my DH just did wee bits of work inside my house, but me and my MH sat on my couch for lots of times and I got zillions of cuddles. She had some letters to write so I went into the room with her and I took up my usual position on top of the printer/ fax machine thingy. I think you have seen some pictures of me up there. My humans don't normally use that machine a lot, but for some reason, the old dear decided to use it today while I was on the top of it!

So, there was I. Sitting on the machine, half watching my MH working and half snoozing when suddenly the world underneath me shook as the printer thing jumped into life and started wheezing and grunting and rattling. Oh my dear friend, I nearly jumped off, but being an intrepid little Squeak, I just sat there and watched what was happening, but I was ready to scoot if I had to---but I didn't. It was all perfectly safe and it was just paper that was coming out. Phew.

In the afternoon, we were all in my living room and I was having a napette on the back of my couch when my MH decided to have a wee lie down on the couch. She told my DH that all her gardening yesterday had made her a wee bit tired and she was going to do a Squeak and have a snooze, so she lay down and covered herself with a blanket. Well, before she had her eyes shut, I was down off the back of the couch and landed on top of her. I ran up along my MH's side and 'wheech' I was under the cover beside her. I purred for her until she went to sleep and then I snoozed as well and it was lovely.

I got a super surprise after my dinner 'cos I was on my usual position on my MH's knee and she put my television on 'cos she wanted to see the tennis and there was Andy Murray playing my friend Raffa. Oh, he is lovely, especially when he smiles and when he does, there are six knees in my house that go all wobbly. My four, and my MH's two. My DH just shakes his head!

So, that has been my Sunday. We are all settled down and the tennis is finished. Andy won and that was good, but Raffa smiled and that was brilliant. It is pouring with rain, so I may not be going out too much later on, but that's OK 'cos I am a very contented little puss tonight. I have had a very good weekend and I hope you have had a good one too.

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