Friday, 22 May 2015

Much Happier

It has been a much better day for this little puss 'cos both my humans have been at home with me and it is also string day, so what more could an adorable little Squeak ask for?

We didn't need to get up too early 'cos nobody was going any where and the weather wasn't brilliant, so we were all having an easy day although the Boss had to do some of her housework that she didn't get done yesterday, but it was just a wee bit so I wasn't too upset. My DH was in a very go slow mood so I just followed my MH around and she chatted to me as she dusted and washed and cleaned.

I had a few trips outside, but it is still so cold that I didn't feel like staying out too long. I don't really like being cold but it is almost worth it when I come home again 'cos there is always a lovely cuddle waiting for me. And as well as some cuddles there was also a whole lot of string for me to play with when my DH came back from the pier with our messages. I made my humans laugh a lot as I chased one bit of string all over my kitchen, but before I pounced, I stared at it for a long time, then I wriggled my adorable little bum, lifted my left front paw and 'wham!', I was on the string in a flash and it was DEAD!!!

It was great fun and it made my humans very happy and I like when I make them happy.

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