Saturday, 16 May 2015

My Time

I have been spoiled today. I have been cuddled and stroked and cuddled some more every time I asked, and even sometimes when I didn't ask. Both my humans have been home with me and neither of them had much work to do so there was plenty of time for this little puss.

It has been raining a lot so my humans didn't want to go out, but I did. Most of the time I managed to time it well, but one time and I was in my garden when the rain came on very heavy, but I ran as fast as I could and sheltered under the wee bit where the birdies get their dinner and as soon as the rain went off, I jumped up on to my window sill and my MH let me in and gave me my 'hello again' cuddle. I make them smile 'cos whenever I jump in the window, I stand on the chair and wait until I get my cuddle and then I wander through to the kitchen for a wee feed before I settle down on my couch again. My MH says I have lots of funny little habits, and I think she might just be right.

I helped my DH to plant some little Tom Thumbs today and I am hoping they grow into nice little flowers. I'm afraid I spoiled the ones he planted last year 'cos he put them into a lovely big flower pot with lovely brand new soil which was so beautiful and soft and I wonder if you can think what I used it for? Yes, I'm afraid I did. Oh it was so, so comfortable on this adorable little bum, but for some reason the little flowers didn't like it and they didn't grow, so this year I have been well warned.

I was in the greenhouse a couple of times today with my DH and I nearly went into the gym with my MH but it was raining when she went out, so I just told her to be careful and to work hard and then I lay on my couch and waited till she came back, then I gave her a cuddle. She liked that.

So, I have had a good Saturday and Sunday promises to be good too. I love my lazy weekends and so do my humans. I hope you have had a good Saturday and that your Sunday will be good as well.

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