Friday, 15 May 2015

No Machines!

Yippee! I have had a very good day and a lovely quiet day with no vacuum cleaner and no lawn mower, so I am a very happy little puss. And, as well as all that, it is string day again. So, you will all know that I have had a very good day.

There was just one wee hiccup and that's when my MH decided that a wee bit in my kitchen needed painting, so there was a bit of upheaval for a while and I was left to sit on my couch all alone. It was just for a wee while though and soon I was back on my favourite spot which is on my MH's knee.

The old dear was a very happy lady today 'cos she has been wanting to get that painting done for a long time, but the main reason was that the weather wasn't as good as it was yesterday and she was very happy that all our grass is cut 'cos she wouldn't have been able to do it today and you all know how she just loves being right!

I have been playing with lots of my toys today and I found my little rubber ball again which I chased all over my kitchen---after the painting was finished, of course---and I love it when I can slide across the floor and sometimes my little back paws slide in a different direction to the rest of me and that makes my MH laugh out load. Sometimes I do it deliberately just to make her happy.

I am just that kind of puss!

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