Thursday, 14 May 2015

Play Time!

Me and my humans have been outside nearly the whole day and I have run all over my garden and all over the fields and through the fences and I have had simply the bestest of days, but now I am a wee bit tired, so I am resting a bit before I go outside again.

The weather was good and my MH was feeling fit, so when she had finished playing with her machine inside, she decided to play with her machine outside. Did you know my MH loves machines? Anyway, her and my DH nipped into the garden and he brought out the new lawn mower so that she could learn how to make it go and in a wee minute or two she was off. So was I, dear friend. So was I! I nipped through the fence and went away to find a nice quiet spot in the long grass where I could have a nap until it was safe to go home again. I had to wander away quite a distance 'cos both my humans were playing with machines, so my garden was a VERY noisy place. My MH was wandering round cutting the grass and my DH wasn't far behind her strimming all the edges. It does look nice, but I still don't like it when the machines are shouting at me.

However, when they were finished, they both gave me lots of attention and as soon as I heard my MH calling for me, I ran back into my garden and we all played together. I like this picture of me . It is a wee bit out of focus 'cos I was doing my usual and moving faster than the speed of light and the old dear just caught me before I disappeared in a blur again. I think I look quite funny in this picture and I think it might make you smile.

I made my humans smile a lot when I kept jumping in and out through my fence from my garden into the field and then from the field back into my garden again. It was really great fun but it has made me a bit sleepy. The sun is still shining and my grass is lovely and short and lovely and warm, so I may just have a lie in my garden tonight and listen to the birdies singing for me. My duck friends are still around, but they didn't come into my garden again. I think maybe they are frightened from my MH! I will go and find them later on and have a chat with them and tell them that she is quite nice really.

I will probably tell them all about the machines too although I am sure they will have heard them this afternoon. I am sure the whole of my little island heard them!

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