Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Quite a good day

I can't really complain about my day because it has been quite a good one although I was left on my own for the afternoon and being on my own is definitely not what I like.

My MH spent a lot of time with me this morning 'cos she didn't have anything to do and because she wanted to make up for the fact that she was leaving me all alone. She hates going away from me, but she couldn't take me with her and it was OK 'cos my little weather man friend must have heard me and he made my weather not too bad so that she could leave the window open for me. That meant that I could nip in and out if I wanted to and I did go out to play but just for a wee while. We were looking out of the window when we saw these three boats in the sea and my MH though you might be interested in them. One boat is the one that goes to Scotland and the other one is a visiting boat with the little one showing it where to go so it doesn't hit the bumpy bits in the water. I like this picture and I like looking out of my window when they are on the sea.

When my humans came home they played with me for a while outside and I had a run in my garden and lots of rolls on my path and I liked that. So, my day has been good, but I am really looking forward to my night time especially if it turns out like last night. My MH had her shower early and she put on her big furry dressing gown for a while before she went to bed and as soon as she sat on our couch, I was right on her knee and within a few minutes I was snoring like the happiest little puss in this en-tire world.

Oh, I just love that dressing gown millions!

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