Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday Surprise

You all know that I like Sundays. Especially Sundays when my humans are at home with me and don't do very much and I have to admit that is nearly every Sunday. Just sometimes they have to go somewhere or have to do some work, but not very often, so I normally know where to find them and that is just how I like it.

I managed to get out to play lots of times, but I am still finding it a bit cold for me so I tend to come in after a short time. My MH thinks I am very wise having lots of small trips outside 'cos she doesn't want me to get cold. Actually I love coming in lots of times 'cos, as I told you yesterday, I always get a cuddle when I come back in, so it makes it worthwhile getting a wee bit cold!

I am still helping my DH in the greenhouse but we don't have anything to show for it yet, although the little Tom Thumbs are beginning to grow so they will be going outside soon, but I have been warned to stay away from them and I will try. I promise.

I got my usual Sunday surprise this afternoon. Although if it is usual then it isn't a surprise, is it? Ho hum. Well, it was still a surprise for me. I was having a snooze in my little hoose, when I heard my door opening and a voice shouting 'hello' and I knew at once that this was my friend S. who had come to see me and my MH. In a flash I was out of my wee hoose and in my kitchen to say hello to her and I got a great big cuddle while I gave her some of my special purrs. It was a lovely surprise and we all had a good chat before she went away so that my DH could watch the football on our telly.

I helped my MH in her gym but I'm afraid my MH was a little bit naughty and didn't let me play my little game with her headphones. I went out to play while her little legs were on the bike and by the time I came back into the gym, she had put her headphones away into their little box and I didn't get a chance to hang on to them. I was a bit sad, but she just smiled. Sigh :-(

Apart from that, it has been a very good day and I have loved every minute of it. I hope you have loved your Sunday too.

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