Saturday, 23 May 2015

Super Saturday

I have had a lovely day today just doing all the little things I like doing but I have been doing them with my humans which makes me even happier. When we got up this morning it was quite a nice day and it wasn't raining so I gobbled up my breakfast and politely asked for the window to be opened, and in a flash I was outside playing in my garden and feeling very happy.

A wee while later my DH came out and we both went into our greenhouse, but he is a wee bit sad 'cos the tomatoes are not growing very well and my DH thinks it is because it is still too cold for them and that is a shame. Maybe I need to have a chat to them and tell them to hurry up. I followed him round to the shed where the lawn mower is kept and when he started working with it I knew what was coming and right enough, in a minute or two, the old dear came out and started to cut my grass and I just followed her round my garden at a safe distance and waited patiently until she had finished.

I know you will be surprised when you read this next bit, but I quite like the new mower! But only because it is a wee bit bigger so it cuts more grass at a time, so my MH is finished quicker! See? Then she has much more time for me and that is always good news. We had more fun a while later on when she brought out her washing and of course I had to show off a wee bit by running up the clothes poles again and just as I was resting on the top of one of the poles, I'm afraid I gave a little swallow a bit of a fright. You see it was flying along minding its own business and between you and me, I don't think it was looking where it was going 'cos it nearly flewed into me at the top of my pole. It squawked and I smiled and my MH giggled 'cos it was very funny. I think I am going to climb the pole lots of times during the good days.

My MH likes this picture 'cos she says I have a funny walk and she is not too sure what I am doing, but I am keeping it a secret! So you see that I have had a very good day and now it is raining a wee bit so I am quite happy to lie on my couch beside my MH while we are all watching my television but I am hoping that I will be able to go out to play for a long time later before we all go to bed.

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