Sunday, 3 May 2015

Very Odd

Sometimes I just do not understand my humans at all but I can generally work out what is behind their funny little ways. However, last night really flummoxed me.

Shall I explain? Of course I shall. Well, as I told you yesterday, the lawn mowing plan just didn't work out to my MH's satisfaction and the poor old dear was a bit sad about that and it took quite a lot of cuddles and purrs from yours truly to cheer her up again and then evening started just like any other one with us all sitting together watching the television or reading, or in my case, purring on a knee.

Then about ten o'clock my MH went away to bed and I did think it was very early for her, but I cuddled in for a while anyway until she was asleep and then I nipped outside for a while expecting to hear the old boy whistling for me, but I didn't and I was a tad bemused. I wandered home and he let me in and I snuggled up beside my MH for a while, but I noticed that my DH was still up so I asked if I could go out again and he let me. I was becoming more and more confused but then when I went back in, I stopped dead in my tracks, 'cos there sitting on the couch in the middle of the night time was my MH! That is unheard of and I was bemused to say the least. She realised I was becoming a bit worried so she explained they wanted to see a boxing match which was on very late and by the time it was all finished and we were all back in bed again, I think the rest of the world were getting up! It was day light time, dear friends, but I slept anyway.

Needless to say, we have had a very quiet day and as it has been quite windy and then wet, there was no chance of the lawn mower appearing. Yippee. Me and my MH played our game where I hided under all the clothes when she was making the bed and she called it 'Hide and Squeak' 'cos I burrow under the clothes and lie so very still and she can't find me but then she calls for me and I let her find me and it is just the goodest fun, although I am afraid my little wagger hasn't learned to play it properly. I lie very still and try not to move but as soon as MH speaks, my little wagger gets excited and thumps up and down and she knows where I am. I keep trying to make it stay still, but I am afraid I have failed. It doesn't matter though, does it?

I have a feeling we will all be in bed very early tonight as we are a bit tired and my DH has to get up quite early to go to the Cat Shop, but we have had a good day and I hope you have had too.

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