Friday, 8 May 2015


Well, we did stay up very late last night but I didn't really understand it 'cos it was just a lot of talking on my television, so I just lay on the old dear's knee and had a sleep till she wakened me up to go to bed.

Our Friday has just been a normal day, but a normal day with string 'cos it is Friday and Friday is message day and messages means string and string means fun. See? We all did wee bits of work today but nothing too hard and there was lots of time to sit on my couch beside my MH while she talked to me and stroked me and it was during one of these gentle times that we were shattered by a terrible noise outside and do you know what it was? No, of course you don't, but I will tell you. It was my DH with his strimmer on the grass and what a noise it was making! Oh it was dreadful. I had to stick my adorable little paws into my equally adorable little lugs!

But then my MH had a brainwave. She tooked me for a walk. A real doggy-on-a-lead type walk 'cept I am not a doggy and I wasn't on a lead, but you know what I mean. It was brilliant and I was able to explore places I had never explored before AND I climbed a ginormous great big pole and made my MH laugh out loud. I had just made a great big run up the field and shot up the pole without a second thought. It was only when I was a thousand feet up in the air that it dawned on me that this was a different type pole to the one I am used to climbing. For a start, it was wooden while mine is concrete and this one was HUGE while mine is littler, so after I had worked all that out, I just let go and drifted down to earth again then trotted home beside my MH. Oh, my dear friends, It was simply magic.

Later on, I was having a snooze on my couch when I got a great big surprise. My friend S. came to see me and when she was giving me lots of cuddles, I told her about my pole climbing adventure and she was very impressed. I will be going out to play later on, and I may give the pole another try later. We will see.

I will have to tell the Daisys and the ducks and the sheeps about my adventure. In fact, I will probably tell everybody I see. I am rather proud of my adorable little self!

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