Sunday, 31 May 2015


.....I think my little weather man friend must have been busy 'cos he didn't hear me when I asked him to keep my weather good and today has been horrible again and I have got wet lots and lots of times. Sigh!

I was a disappointed little puss 'cos I was looking forward to me and my humans being outside again all day, but instead I have had to go out all by myself while my humans stayed inside although the Boss sent my DH out to post her letter and he got all wet too. He was all wrapped up though so he didn't really mind.

We had a couple of visitors to my house last night and I'm afraid I was just a tad naughty 'cos I refused to get off the chair to let one of them sit down and although he said it was OK, my MH lifted me off and I wasn't best pleased 'cos I was so warm and cosy sitting there. But I just nipped onto my MH's knee and sat there until they got up to go home and it was then that I made them all laugh 'cos as soon as M. stood up from 'my' chair, I was back on it like a flash of lightning! And this time I was NOT getting up again.

When they went away, my humans noticed that the sky was beautiful as the sun was setting and they tooked this picture for you and then my MH tooked this one of me on one of my favourite places in my house. I love sitting on the window sill especially when there are sheeps or cows in the field and as you can see, there is a cow in there now. I had a wee word with her last night and I think she will be my friend if the nice farmer next door leaves her there.

I don't know if there will be a nice sky tonight or if I will be going out too much 'cos it is raining just now and the wind is blowing a bit, but maybe I will be very brave and go and see all my cow friends before I settle down for the night. I am going to be on my own tomorrow 'cos my DH is going to the Cat Shop and my MH is taking her new hip to the hospital so that the doctor can see how well it is getting on.

So, that means that I won't have very much news for you tomorrow. Maybe I shall just pretend.

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