Saturday, 27 June 2015

Much Better

I have had a very good day today. It has been warm and sunny and just perfect Squeak weather. I have been outside all day and have been so busy that I think I might have to have an early night, but I have loved it all.

Me and my MH were up quite early and she was able to leave the door open which meant that yours truly could come and go at will while the old dear sat on the couch and looked at all the lists she had made of things she needed to do. I am happy to say she has nearly finished everything and her list is just a little one now.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and I watched very carefully 'cos I might need to show A. what to do if he forgets. My humans gave him all his instructions last night, but he has been looking after me for so long now that he knows what to do. He is quite excited about the new lawn mower, but I will be staying well away from him when he is doing that!

Mr. Bully Boy was making a dreadful noise this afternoon, but then the nice farmer man next door put a lot of lady cows and some baby cows in the field and I think they gave him a telling off 'cos he has been much quieter. Maybe he was just a wee bit lonely and is happy now to have some company. I am not going near him though just in case he doesn't like puss cats. Even adorable ones like me!

I won't be writing to you for a wee while 'cos as you know, my humans are going away on their holidays, but as soon as they come back, I will tell you about all the fun that me and A. had while he was here with me.

I hope you have a good two weeks and I also hope you won't miss me too much. I will miss you :-(

Friday, 26 June 2015

So Lazy

We have all had a very lazy day except that my humans decided that they needed to pack their cases but they were watching me so much that I had no chance at all of hiding inside one. That is maybe just as well 'cos I might have suffocated and I wouldn't have liked that at all.

I won't be writing to you for a wee while after tomorrow or maybe Sunday depending on what the old dear needs to do. They are going away on the boat on Monday and leaving me all alone, except for my bestest friend A. who will look after me. I know I will be perfectly safe and well looked after, but I do miss my humans. I will tell you a wee secret. My MH is looking forward to her holiday but she says she misses me millions when she is away, so that made me a bit happier. And it is just for sixteen sleeps, so that's not too bad, is it?

I haven't done very much at all today 'cos it has been raining again, so I have spent lots of times on my couch or on my MH's knee, so I don't have news for you except to tell you that I played with the string when my DH came back from the pier and then I had a long sit in the box when they emptied it, but my MH couldn't take a picture 'cos when she went for her cameras, I went with her to see what she was doing!

That made us all laugh 'cos my MH thought it was funny.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Not Quite

Do you remember that I told you I might stay out all night last night? Well, I didn't. I did think about it. In fact I thinked so much about it that by the time I DID go home, it was nearly morning! I had had a very good sleep on my couch in the evening and I went out to play as normal until it was time to help my MH get to sleep and then I nipped back in.

We settled down and while she was reading, I had a napette but when she put the light out I asked my DH to let me out to play again and oft I went and I had a brilliant time just playing and chasing and generally being a puss. It was oh so very, very good and I loved every single second of it. After a while, I heard my DH calling for me and it was then that I started to think.'Should I go in and go to sleep, or should I stay out and play?' I lay down on the grass and made a little list of all the reasons I should stay out and all the reasons I should go in and while I was doing this, my DH called about another two or three times and then I heard the final call. I know it is the final one because of the tone, and it was then I reached my decision and my little legs scooted me right home and straight onto the bed beside my MH who was very pleased to see me, although she was half asleep but she knowed it was me. I think the whiskers were a give away!

I have had a very good day today and I have still been able to get out and play as much as I want to, but I did manage to take some time away from my beloved fields to go into the gym with my MH and when her little legs were finished their hard work, I decided to see what it was like on the treadmill and she tooked this picture of me for you.

The picture is fine, but I will tell you a wee secret. I don't really like the treadmill, so I won't be going on it again. On the other paw, maybe I will try it when it is still switched on! Hee hee

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Still Having Fun

I think summer has finally arrived. Well, it's not really a very good summer, but at least it has stopped being winter. I think! Anyway, it is good enough to let me get outside as often as I want and I want --- lots of times.

I got a surprise today. Both my humans went away on the boat and that made me a wee bit sad 'cos it meant I was going to be on my own all day, but I got it wrong and that's where my surprise came in. I wandered round my garden for a while and then I sat on the back of my couch just wondering what to do with my adorable little self for the rest of the day when I heard my door opening. I was just about to fly into attack mode when I noticed it was my MH who had come back on the dinner time boat and I was a very happy puss.

I sat on her knee while she had her lunch and then we both had a perambulation round the garden and that was so good. I listened to the birdies and I saw a curlew which was very beautiful. I also noticed that my three duck friends were back outside my gate and I wandered over to say hello to them but they waddled away quite quickly. I think they are still frightened in case I hurt them. Which I wouldn't, of course.

We were able to stay out a long time and even when my MH went inside I found a lovely shaded wee spot in my garden and I settled down for a wonderful nap. It was so very good. I am now resting inside on my very favouritist chair, but I shall be going outside again after I have gathered up all my energy. I love these long light days when it doesn't get dark at all and it will be good fun tonight 'cos there is no wind and so my humans will be able to leave the window open which means I can stay out as long as I want.

I still haven't stayed out for a whole en-tire night yet, but I have a feeling in my adorable little bones that tonight might be the night! Watch this space.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Much Better Day

I have been a very happy puss 'cos I have been outside nearly all day and both my humans have been out with me too so it has been a really good time for this little cat.

Me and my MH were up first and she did a wee bit of housework before she went out to feel the grass and when she does that, I know she is wondering if it is dry enough for her to play with her lawn mower and today it was! So we both went outside and for once the big bully boy wasn't moaning at us but he was away down the field so I don't have a very good picture of him for you, but you can see him. Actually, I am a bit worried about him 'cos he has been very quiet all day. Maybe he has a sore throat with all the bellowing he has done. That would be a shame, but at least my adorable little lugs are getting a rest, which is just lovely.

My MH told my DH that she was going to cut the grass so he went into our greenhouse for a while and yours truly dotted between on human and the other making sure that they were both doing what they should have been doing. And they were! Well, they knew I was watching. I don't mind the mower much any more 'cos it is quicker that the old one. Actually it is quite funny watching my MH's little legs running after it, but I never let her see me smiling. I know only too well what would happen! The other thing about her cutting the grass is that when she is finished, she sits with me on the bench and gives me all her attention and plays with me and that just makes me the happiest Squeak in the world. I wonder how many Squeaks there are in the world? I guess I will never know but I am sure I will be the adorablest!

Anyway, I had a very good time and I didn't even mind when my MH had to go out visiting one of her friends 'cos it meant I could have a very quick nap till she came back and then I moved---very quickly--- from my chair to her knee, and there I stayed for a long while.

Ah yes. Just a purr-fect day, and it's not finished!

Monday, 22 June 2015

I am thinking

Well, it's not weather to do much else, I'm afraid. I am sorry if I am boring you with the news about my weather, but me and all the people on my little island are a tad fed up with all the bad weather we have been having. It is so wet that the cows and sheeps are not happy either and as you know, I am having difficulty finding a place to do what needs to be done---on a daily basis, at least!

Anyway, my friend J. sent me a message with a video on it about a flying pussy cat and then I saw it on my television at news time and I got to thinking. Would I like to go flying? I have been in a car and I liked that. I have been on a boat and that wasn't too bad, but I have never been on a plane. Well, I watched the news again and I watched the pussy cat's face and I don't think he looked very happy at all, so if I go flying---and right now that is a very big IF---I would need the full outfit. You know how I love my uniforms! I am gathering quite a little wardrobe now. I would need a little leather jacket and a white silk scarf like Biggles and of course I would have to have a helmet and the goggles plus a great big seat belt 'cos I am not at all sure that I wouldn't fall off if I did what the puss on the telly did. I think he was very brave and I am glad he didn't fall off 'cos cats can't fly, you know?

I have had a very easy day and spent a lot of time sitting with my MH in between her hoovering times and we had lots of girlie chats which were good and then we went into the gym for a while 'cos she need to keep her little legs working hard. When she was finished, I raced in from the garden just in time to hang on to the end of her earphones 'cos that is one of my games. I try to catch them before she puts them in her wee box and she tries to put them in her wee box before I catch them. It is really good fun, but she usually wins! :-(

We didn't go straight into the house and instead we played for a while on the grass, but it was a bit wet. However, my MH knew that I wanted to play so she stayed outside with me for a long time and I had good fun except for just one thing. And that one thing is a very noisy bully boy in the field in front of my house. The nice farmer man next door put him there on Sunday and he has roared and roared all the time he has been there. I don't think he is happy, but when I asked my MH why he was shouting so much, she said I was too young to know these things. I think it has something to do with the fact that he is in a field with the sheeps and all the lady cows are in another field and he has nobody to talk to.

But I tell you this. If he doesn't stop roaring, I am going to see if I can get HIM on a plane!!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rained Off

Oh dear. What a rotten day it has been. It has never stopped raining all day and this little puss has not been very happy 'cos I haven't been able to get much at all. Sigh.

I did have a very good night though and I was able to stay out very late again. In fact, I was out later last night than on Friday and it was nearly three o'clock when I slipped in my window and snuggled up beside my MH who then got up and closed the window and just happened to give me a wee biscuit while she was up anyway. Guess what my DH was doing? Yup. Snoring. Bless!

I am watching my television just now and there are some very funny sheeps on it. They are very different to the sheeps in my fields 'cos these ones have long curly coats and I don't know how they can see 'cos the wool is hanging down in front of their eyes. I am sure I would be able to creep up to them without them seeing me. Funny, though.

I have been watching a lot of television today and to be quite honest with you, my dear friends, my adorable little derriere is a tad sore with all the sitting I have done. Me and my MH were watching the tennis today 'cos Andy Murray had to play two games, but he won them both and I am sure that is because my little paws have been crossed for him all day. I can now walk properly since he is finished! Hee hee

I have a little embarrassing story for you. As I told you, it has been raining all day, so everywhere outside is very wet and this little puss needed to find a comfortable place to sit and do a bit of business, if you catch my drift. However, every time I tried to settle down my aforesaid adorable little bum got wet. And it fair put me off, so I decided to nip home and use my litter tray. I flew in the window, did what I had to do and flew outside again leaving my humans just shaking their heads at me. Sometimes I do flummox them, I'm glad to say.

I have noticed that more and more things are going in the case so I guess holiday time is getting closer, but I will be fine. It's just not the same, but it is still good.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Oh Yippee

Last night was a brilliant night 'cos it was the first time I have been able to stay out really, really late and I loved it! It was a fine night and it wasn't dark at all so I was able to see everything. Mind you, being a pussy cat means I can everything anyway even if it is dark.

We had a quiet night and it was just me and my MH in my house 'cos my DH had to go over to Stromness, so we just sat and watched my television and I had a couple of wee trips outside, but then when my humans were going to bed, I discovered that I wasn't tired at all and I asked if I could please go out. My DH opened the window for me, but he told me that he was tired and if I was going to stay out late, he would leave the window open for me, so oft I went and I had a ball.

There were millions of wee creatures all buzzing about and I spent a lot of time just wandering and sniffing and being oh so very, very happy until I was tired. I said goodnight to all my little friends and ran home. All the lights were out 'cos it was about half past two in the morning and both my humans were snoring. I nipped up beside my MH and that wakened her up 'cos she never sleeps properly until she knows I am in and safe. She got up to close the window and because she loves me millions, she gave me some wee biscuits and then we both had a brilliant sleep till later on in the morning.

I have been a wee bit tired today and have had lots of sleeps but I helped the old dear change the beds and that was great fun. Then I went into the greenhouse and helped my DH before we watched the tennis on my television but me and my MH were disappointed when the rain came on and Andy had to stop playing, but we'll see him tomorrow. I have my adorable little paws crossed for him, and I know that helps.

I think I will be going outside until late tonight again 'cos the weather is good enough to leave the window open for me again. I wonder if this is finally summer? Oh I hope so.

Friday, 19 June 2015

A Fun Day

I have had a really good day today. I have been outside nearly all the time and my humans have been outside with me as well and that's what I love the most. My DH was working on his car today so I was able to sit with him watching all that he was doing and then when I got a wee bit fed up with that, I nipped into my house and I sat with my MH who was having an easy day.

She took me outside to see what my DH was doing and then she went into her little gym, but because the weather was good, she left the door open, so that I could go in and out as often as I liked. I kept my eye on her to make sure she was doing her exercises the right way and she appreciated that. When she was finished, she played with me on the grass and I ran all over my garden while both my humans stood and watched me and I could see them smiling 'cos I made them happy.

My MH took this picture of my lady sheep friends so that you could see them. There are lots of baby sheeps as well and one of them came ruight up to the fence today and I am sure it was asking me to play with it, but my humans needed me, so I just went home. I will see if it wants to play later on tonight. When I was sitting on my window sill, I saw this lovely boat sailing past my house and my MH liked it too so she tooked a picture of it. It comes past my window quite a lot of times, but it still needs the little boat to show it the way. It doesn't want to get lost, does it?

Me and my DH played with the string off the messages boxes and I made them laugh again with all the funny shapes I was getting into. I just love when he plays with me and the string. I can play with it on my own, but it's not the same as when my humans play with me.

It is much better fun!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

At Last....

..... I have a wee story for you. As you know, things have been very quiet Chez Squeak of late and I haven't had very much to tell you at all, but last night I did something which was quite funny and I thought you might like to hear all about it.

I had had a good day and was out playing quite a lot and I was able to go out for a while at night time before it got a bit cold. We all settled down to sleep quite early and even my DH was in bed early 'cos the poor old thing had worked so hard at the Cat Shop that he was very tired. We were all sound asleep when my DH wakened us all up with his coughing and me and him got up so that he could get a wee drink. My MH stayed in her wee bed snoring, so she was OK. I decided that since I was up anyway, I might as well nip out for a while and I am afraid I got so involved in talking to all my little friends that I didn't notice the time until I heard him whistling for me, and it was one of those 'come in right now or you are out all night' whistles. I went in!

I had a good sleep but I wakened up about half past seven o'clock in this morning and I asked my MH to please feed me and then I would decide what I wanted to do. But she didn't! I don't know if she didn't hear me or if she was just ignoring me. I have had my suspicions for some time that she is ignoring me, and that is just not on now, is it? I am not a hundred percent sure that is what she is doing, but I think it might very well be the case.

So, I realised that sterner measures were needed and so I decided to clunk the light switch on her dressing table. Now, you know that I have done this before, but that was in the winter when it was dark and I couldn't see anything. But last night, it was still like daylight in my bedroom 'cos as I told you, it doesn't get dark on my little island and last night I could see very clearly and I noticed that there was a mirror on the dressing table so I could see me and what I was doing. I could see my adorable little tummy and all the other bits of me that I have never seen before. Oh, I am beautiful, am I not? I am sorry that I am not very modest, but I am just really excited at seeing my underside 'bits' for the very first time.

But, my dear friends, it will not be the last time. Oh roll on bedtime! Hee hee

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A New Friend

I have had a good day, but I have been inside nearly all the time 'cos it hasn't been a very good day at all. I am going to have words with my little weather man friend and see if he can make the weather better for me. I am getting a bit tired with all this rain and wind. I should be able to spend all my days outside lying in the sunshine, but every time I go out, I get cold so I nip back in very quickly. Ho hum

However, I like Wednesdays 'cos Wednesdays are just for me and my MH and she has a very lazy day so that means that there is lots more time for you-know- who. And that's me, in case you can't work it out! Hee hee We waved my DH away on the boat 'cos we can see it from my living room window and we can see him sailing into Stromness, although we can't actually see HIM---we can just see the boat but we know he is on it.

My MH doesn't do very much housework. She just makes sure that everything is tidy and she spends a lot of time on my couch with me on her knee and we have lots of talks and then we play together and I like that loads.She had some more letters to do so I went into the study with her and I jumped up on to the shelf where I always sit as you can see. My MH says the whole unit shakes when I launch my adorable little self up onto the shelf, but it is safe. Just a wee bit shaky!

I did venture out into my garden just in time to see this little wagtail playing on my grass and I have decided he will be my new friend. There is just one wee problem 'cos he is frightened that I am going to gobble him up and he flies away. He doesn't know that I am a very gentle little puss. But he will!

My MH thought you might like to see what the sky was like over my little island the other night. The colours were beautiful and me and my humans watched it for a long, long time. I hope you like it too.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Wee Bit Busier

I was up quite early this morning and as the weather was lovely, I gobbled up my breakfast and then went into the field beside the little lambs and I spent a long, long time there just finding lots of new and lovely smells before I wandered back into my garden and lay on one of the benches in the sunshine.

My MH was still doing housework! I don't know what has got into her, but she is cleaning everywhere! The vacuum cleaner must be exhausted and I am sure the dusters are nearly worn done. I was very happy when my DH suggested that me and him should go into the greenhouse for a while. It was warm in there, but even better than that, it was QUIET! We sat there for a while and we had a chat about all the things my DH was going to do and then we listened and when we didn't hear the vacuum cleaner, we went back inside and chatted to the Boss.

I was a very happy 'cos I went into the bedroom just as my MH was making the beds, and she played our game with me and I loved being rolled up in my blanket. She rolled me over the bed and tickled my adorable little tummy and it was just brilliant. It was so brilliant that it tired me out and so I lay down and had a little nap ----- as you can see!

My MH told me she was going out to see one of her friends this afternoon and she was going to go for a walk, but just as she went out, the rain came on and she had to take her little car. I stayed in my house and just waited till she came home again, but at least she didn't get wet.

The rain has gone off again, so I will probably get out to play for a little while. But only if it is dry 'cos I refuse to get wet. I just don't like it at all!

Monday, 15 June 2015

An Unusual Monday

Well, it was for me, anyway. We were all up a wee bit early as it was my DH's day to go to the Cat Shop and my MH's day for playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and for some reason known only to the old dear herself, she decided to do a 'big' clean and that meant that I was a wee bit ignored, although she did talk to me and cuddle me every now and then, but it wasn't really enough.

I went out into the fields and across the path to where the sheeps are and I sat there for a while and watched the little lambs all running and jumping and I liked that a lot. They are so funny when they do those peculiar jumps and I was watching very carefully, so that later on tonight, when my humans are watching the television I will try them myself and see if I can jump the same as the little sheeps! I am sure I will manage it.

When I wandered back into my house, my MH was finished all her work and she was sitting on her bed talking to someone on the phone, so I snuggled in beside her and then I went under my blanket and I fell fast asleep. For the whole afternoon! Wow! I didn't realise I was so tired. It must have been all the thinking and watching I had done.

My MH's friend came in to see her and my MH told her to go into the bedroom and see me and it was when she giggled that I wakened up. I was a little bit embarrassed but she said it was fine and she gave me a cuddle before she and my MH went away out for a while. I was sitting on my path when they went away in M.'s car and then I got a wee bit confused 'cos about half an hour later my MH arrived back with my DH is his car.

I don't know how she did that, but I shall ask her later on. So, you can see how my Monday has been a bit different, but it has been good just the same.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sleepy Sunday

We have all had a very lazy day today and I for one have been very happy with it. My humans don't do very much at all on Sundays although sometimes my MH cuts our grass but she did that yesterday and she was a very happy MH today 'cos there was rain last night and this morning and the grass would have been too wet for the old dear to tackle if she had left it till this afternoon.

I know it was raining last night 'cos I was outside at the time. My MH had gone to bed and once I knew that she was all settled down, I asked my DH to please let me out, which of course he did. I was having lots of fun outside and, because it doesn't get dark on my little island just now, I could see everything and I knew where all my little animal friends were. I heard my DH whistling for me, but I wasn't ready to go in, so I pretended I didn't hear him. I know that was a wee bit naughty, but in a way he expects me to do that and I don't think he really minds. I played for a while and then I heard him again, so I sat very, very still so that he wouldn't see me and just as he was about to close the door, a great big rain shower came on and dropped right on poor little me.

Well, I got up very quickly and I raced home like a streak of lightning and my DH was amazed at my speed 'cos I was right inside my house before he had even got the door half shut! I made him smile too and I heard him telling my MH all about it and she told him that she knew I didn't like the rain, so she wasn't surprised that I did that. My DH was happy it rained as it meant he could get to bed!

I have slept a lot today and as my MH is writing this for you, my adorable little head is on her laptop and the rest of me is snuggled in beside her on the couch, and that is one of my very favouritist places and I sit there every single night.

In fact,she says it is quite hard to do her typing 'cos my little lugs get in the way. But she manages 'cos she loves me being beside her. She tells me that every single night. Ah bliss! :-))

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Good Saturday

We were all at home today and although it was a wee bit cold for my humans, the weather was very fine for me and I spent most of the day outside just sitting in my garden or playing in the fields, and I had very good fun.

As you know, I like it the bestest when my humans are outside with me 'cos then I can sit on a knee and get cuddled and still see what all my little animal friends are doing and that makes me a very contented little puss. When my MH was doing a wee bit of work in the kitchen, she left the door open, so I could lie on the step and watch her and at the same time the sun was shining on my adorable little body making me all warm.

Yesterday, when the Boss was away to the town with her friends, my DH took out the strimmer and cut all the edges of the grass, so today my MH played with the mower and made my garden all lovely for me. I sat outside all the time she was doing that and it was quite nice 'cos it didn't take her too long. When she was finished, she sat on the garden chair with me plonked on her knee and we looked at all her hard work and we liked it a lot, so she is a happy MH tonight.

I am quite a happy puss, but a wee bit not happy too 'cos today my DH brought down the cases from the loft and that means that my humans are going away on their holidays again, but the good news is that my friend A. will be coming to stay with me and I like that a lot. He plays with me and looks after me very well, but I still miss my humans a bit when they are not here. Ho hum! One of these times, I am going to hide in one of the cases! Can you imagine what my MH would say when she opened her case and out I popped!

Perhaps you had better NOT imagine what my MH might say!! Hee hee

Friday, 12 June 2015


I was up very early this morning 'cos my MH was going to meet her friends and she had to catch the early boat, so I was fed and out to play before half past seven o'clock in the morning. It was a good morning so I was quite happy out watching the little sheeps and seeing the baby bird when they wakened up. I watched my MH going away in her little car and I must say I was a little bit sad, but I knew my DH would look after me, so I nipped back into the house to sit with him for a while.

I had a very good day just lazing about in my garden and nipping in and out of my house to see that the old boy was doing fine---which he was. I was sitting outside in the afternoon when I saw my MH's little car coming back again and then she was right beside me giving me a great big cuddle. I sat with her and she told me all the things she had been doing with her friends and then she showed me this picture which just melted my adorable little heart, and I am sure you will love it too.

There are little baby ducks in the sea down at the pier on my little island and my MH thought I might like to see them, which I did. I will never be able to see them for real 'cos it is too far away for me to go, but this picture will do just fine and I hope you like it too.

Once I knew the old dear was sitting comfortably, I went back outside, but I didn't go too far away and just rolled on my path lots of times and I am sure I could hear the little sheeps laughing at me, but I must tell them not to try doing that 'cos it is dangerous for sheeps to roll. I am sure the mummy sheeps will tell that to the babies.

It is just doggies and puss cats that can roll, and this puss cat does it so well!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Funny Story

I have liked today a lot. Both my humans have been at home with me and I have been very busy supervising my DH every time he went into the greenhouse and I heard him telling my MH that he was very happy that I went with him. I sat on the seat in the greenhouse and watched as he watered the plants and I gave them a wee purr to encourage them to grow, so we will probably have tomatoes tomorrow!

By the time we were finished in the greenhouse, my MH had put away her dusters and her vacuum cleaner and she was sitting on my couch, so I had a wee nibble at my biscuits and then with one ginormous leap I was on her knee and she was stroking my adorable little lugs which made me purr even more. I liked it lots.

When I was outside, I saw some little sheeps in one of the fields, so that is my evening perambulation all sorted! There was a lovely big sailing ship in the sea and me and my MH went outside to get a better look at it and she tooked this picture so that you could see it too. I liked it a lot. When we were outside, my MH was chatting away to me all the time and she told me a funny story that I liked and I laughed so much that she got this picture for you too.

I think I look very cute in this one, she said modestly! You will see that I have liked lots of things today and I hope it is the same tomorrow. And I hope it is also the same for you.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Cat Shop

I know I keep telling you that my DH goes away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop in Stromness and I thought maybe I should explain what he does. Sure you will like that? You see, when I was a wee baby puss and my DH said he was going to the Cat Shop, it made me a wee bit sad 'cos I thought he was working with other cats and I was frightened he would find one that he loved better than me.

I had just come to my house and I was loving it so much that I didn't want to leave and then my MH explained that there were no real puss cats in the Cat Shop, but it was a place where all the people tried to raise money to help sick little baby puss cats like I was when I was born. I was the happiest little kitten in the world 'cos as well as telling me that bit, she told me that both my humans loved me millions and millions and this was my forever home! So now when he skips away on the boat to the Cat Shop I am happy for him. See?

So, today was Cat Shop day and oft he went and on a Wednesday my MH gives her vacuum cleaner and her dusters a wee rest so that she can spend lots of time with me which suits me just fine. I had lots of seats on her knee and then I decided to go through to the spare room and have a sleep on the bed there 'cos the sun was shining in through the window. I was lovely and comfortable when I heard the old dear calling for me to take her into the gym.

I sat with her for a long time while she played on her treadmill and her bike and then when she was finished, we played on the grass together and I ran round and round again while she stood and watched me and I made her smile lots.

So, you can see that we have had a very good day and when my DH came home he told us that he had had a good day too at the shop, so we have all been happy.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Lonely Day

My humans both had to go to Kirkwall today and as the wind was blowing into my living room they couldn't leave the window open for me so I just had to take to my little bed and have a long snooze till they came back.

They weren't away too long and it gave me a chance to have a good rest. As soon as I heard the door opening I ran to greet them and my MH lifted me up and gave me a great big cuddle. She has lots of cuddles all different sizes----some little ones 'cos she just feels like it, some bigger ones for when I have been out a long time, some for when they have been away on the boat---those are nearly the biggest, but the VERY biggest is if I do something which makes her worried and that doesn't happen very often. Just the one time I got locked in the big shed for hours and hours. She told me she was so worried she was crying for me, and the cuddle I got that night was the ginormestest one I have ever had! Even though I was covered in muck and oil it didn't matter. She cuddled me so tight I thought I might burst---but I didn't!

So, once I had finished with the cuddles, I asked if I could have something to eat please and I got that and then I asked to go outside and I made my MH laugh 'cos I went out the door, walked round my house and widdled at some point, then came in the window. And guess what I got? Yep, another cuddle :-))
I did this a few times, and then one time I stayed out for a long while and had a chat to all my little friends before I nipped back in my window and lay down on my MH's knee for a purr and a snooze.

My evening will be a normal one with me having a sleep after my dinner and then heading outside when the old dear goes to bed. My DH is in charge of me then and he lets me out when I ask him and I must admit, he is getting much better at understanding me now and I usually have only to ask him once. It has taken a long time to get him to this stage, but I have finally managed it. Phew!

Monday, 8 June 2015

I Wonder....

.... if I am needing a wee holiday? I have been a bit tired today and I don't know why 'cos I haven't been doing very much at all so I decided that maybe I might need a wee break. Maybe I will ask my friend S. if I could go to her house for a wee while? I shall give that some thought.

I have had quite a good day but a very lazy day. I did manage to get out to play for lots of times, but as usual, the vacuum cleaner was busy in my house, so I just lay on the back of the couch until it was put back in the cupboard and then it was my turn for a cuddle and that helped to cheer me up a bit.

I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just wasn't firing on all cylinders and my MH noticed this and decided she would try to make me better so she lifted me up on her knee and stroked me until I was feeling a lot happier. We went into my garden for a while and I played there until the old dear was finished in her gym and then we had a long play in my garden which I just loved! Oh it was such good fun that I forgot all about being tired and fed up and I was back to being my own bouncy, adorable little self and my MH was very relieved.

I ran round and round on the grass and I jumped on the weeds and killed them all and then I ran back and forward to my MH and that made her laugh a lot and when we were playing we saw my DH coming back from the Cat Shop and he played with me then as well and it was just when we went inside that I decided that maybe I didn't need a change of scenery after all.

I quite like what I have here, thank you.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Normal Day

Thank goodness! There were no nasty surprises for me today and my Sunday has been very pleasant. I hope yours has been too. We didn't need to get up too early this morning 'cos nobody was going anywhere and I was pleased to see that the weather wasn't too bad, so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled right to the top, I nipped outside and I stayed out for a long, long time.

There are always lots of things for me to see and today in one of the fields I saw a big curlew birdie and an oyster catcher. The curlew is a quiet birdie, but oh dear me, what a noise the oyster catcher makes!. Sometimes I wish I could put on my MH's headphones, but instead of that, I just wandered to another part of the field which was a bit quieter. I think the oyster catcher birdie was in a bad mood this morning and hopefully it will feel better when I go out again later on.

There is so much to do and see just now that I stay out for a long time if it is not raining and my MH told me that she sometimes gets a bit worried about me, so I told her that I am always very careful but I had to do the pussy cat things that keep me sharp and well, so she understood. I was in quite a sooky mood today and I sat with my MH for a while but I also sat on my DH's knee and he liked that a lot. Normally I sit on my chair or on the couch and if I am sitting on a knee then it is my MH's, but today I felt like a wee change and I know my DH was very pleased when I sat with him for a long time.

I also had another knee to sit on 'cos my friend S. came to see me and my MH and so I sat with her for a while too and then when she was going away, I went out to play again until it was time to come in and get some dinner after which I settled down on my couch and I will have a snooze until it is time to go back out again just before bed time.

I like my Sundays but I would like them even more if they were warm with less wind. Are you hearing me, little weather man friend? I do hope so!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sometimes I Do Wonder

My humans often do quite silly things but today was one of the best and I was left wondering about the state of my dear old MH.

We were having a normal Saturday which was quite good but unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice and I decided that I would be staying inside for a while, so I settled down on my couch with the television paper and the remote so that I could decide what I would be watching and then I heard my MH telling my DH that if the rain went off she would try cutting the grass. Well. He looked at me and I looked at him and we both shrugged. I'll bet you didn't know that cats could shrug, did you? But then again, I am no ordinary cat, am I?

So, we all sat together for a while with the old dear watching the window and finally the wee shower went off and she flew out the door and the next thing I knew, she was running round the garden behind the lawn mower. Oh joy. Being a helpful little puss, I switched off my programme and nipped out the window to keep her company and we were doing fine until there was just about ten minutes grass left to cut, when the wind appeared from nowhere and the rain came on again, but heavier this time. I ran for the door and my MH followed me and I thought she was coming in, but do you know what she did? She put on her coat and hat and went outside again to finish cutting the grass in the rain! Oh dear, me and my DH just shooked our heads, but we didn't say anything 'cos we have both learned that it is much, much safer if we don't! Hee hee.

My MH was very happy in the afternoon, but that didn't stop her giving me a telling off after she found me sitting up on the unit where I am not supposed to be. Have you noticed though, my dear friends, that she takes my picture first, and then gives me a row?

And that's just another reason why I do wonder about her sometime!

Friday, 5 June 2015

String Time

Friday again in my house and that means fun with the string and today's bits of string were blue. My MH tied them all in a big knot for me and I spent a long time just sliding up and down my kitchen floor catching it and killing it and generally having good fun with it.

The weather wasn't very good today. It wasn't bad enough to keep me in, but it wasn't good enough to let my MH use her lawn mower so I was quite delighted. We all had quite a lazy day, but my MH went out for a while in the afternoon and I looked after my house and my DH and we just had a rest until she came back.I sat on her knee and we watched Andy playing tennis until the weather made him stop. We will need to wait until tomorrow, I think, to see what happens to him. I have my adorable little paws crossed for him.

My MH had some letters to write and I went her and she thought I looked so cute perched up high that she took these pictures for you and I am sure you will like them. So, although I don't have very much news for you, I have had a very good day and I hope you have had a good day too.

The sun is shining now so if it stays like this tonight, I am sure the old dear will cut our grass tomorrow and I will spend a lot of time outside with her until she is all finished. As I have told you before, I am my MH's puss cat and I follow her everywhere she goes 'cos I like to be with her especially when she talks to me and plays with me. My DH plays with me but not as much as she does and you all know how much I just love being played with, sure you do?

What else are humans meant to do if not to play with puss cats? When puss cats WANT to play, of course!!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Much Better Day

I have had really good fun today. The weather has been fine and that has meant that I have been outside for most of the day and then it was good when I went inside 'cos both my humans were there just waiting for me and ready to feed me or cuddle me depending on my mood at any given time, so you will understand why my day has been good.

My MH did some housework so I joined my DH in our greenhouse and then when I could smell baking, I nipped in just in time to get a little baby pancake which the old dear made just for me. She makes a little one for me, lots of normal ones for my DH and a great big thin one for herself and so we are all happy when she makes pancakes.

There was a wee bit of excitement in the field in front of my house this afternoon 'cos the nice farmer man next door was moving all the lady cows and so I watched from my window sill just in case he rounded me up too! I didn't want to end up in a field hundreds of miles away from my house and my humans did I? A wee while later when me and my MH were looking out of the window into the same field, we saw a mister pheasant having a wee walk up and down. I didn't know what he was but my MH told me and I must admit that I quite liked him but before I could get close enough to introduce myself he flew away. Maybe he will come back another day and I will have a chat to him. I hope so.

I went into the gym with the old dear this afternoon and I had a play on my grass for a while which was good. I heard her telling my friend S. that if the rain stays off tonight, she will take the mower out tomorrow and I was quite surprised when I didn't object too much. I still don't like the mower, but I don't like it a wee bit less, if you see what I mean? I suppose it does help to keep my garden nice for me to play in.

And that is the main thing, is it not?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Quite a good day...

....It hasn't been too bad a day for me at all although I was abandoned again for a wee while. As it is Wednesday, my DH went away to the Cat Shop in Stromness and today my MH had to go to the Hall 'cos the minister was coming over again so I asked if they could please leave the window open for me and I would play until my MH came home. It was quite windy but one of the windows in my living room could be opened just enough to let me in, so I quite happily nipped out into the fields to have a good explore.

I have discovered that there are lots of mouses in the fields now 'cos they are all wakening up after their big long winter sleep. While I was lying in the long grass in the sunshine---yes, the sun did shine for a while today---yippee! Anyway, I was thinking about the mouses sleeping all winter and I wondered if that might be a good idea for moi. But then I thought of all the dinners and treats I would miss. And all the cuddles I wouldn't get. And I wouldn't be able to climb up the Christmas tree when my humans put it up for me and I wouldn't be able to see all my human friends and my little animal friends, so I decided that this hibernation thingy wasn't for me.

I had a few wee rolls on my path and I was enjoying being out in the fresh air listening to the little birdies and watching the mummy cows with their little babies when suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, the big bad wind appeared and it brought some really heavy rain with it, so I got up and ran home as fast as my little legs could carry me and I was really glad that my humans had left a window open 'cos I would have been absolutely ringing if I had been left outside and that would have been a great shame. Ding, dong Hee hee

I sat on my window sill for a while and watched the cows in the field and then I had a very short nap until I heard the door opening and in came my MH with a great big cuddle for me and I loved it so much that I forgave her for going away to leave me. She didn't have anything to do today, so I sat on her knee and we watched Andy winning at his tennis game and my humans were very pleased for him but I was a wee bit sad 'cos Raffa lost and that means I won't see him for a while.

I like Andy, but I love Raffa!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Naughty Me!

I know that heading might come as a surprise to you, but sometimes I am so full of mischief and fun that I can be a little bit naughty, and today was just one of those days.

It was a fine day and I was out a lot of times after my breakfast and one time I was out so long that my MH was a wee bit worried for me. She called to me out of the living room window, but I wasn't at that side of the house, so she went out the door to see if she could find me. Now, I was sitting on the bottom shelf of the table in my garden, but she didn't look there so I sat so very, very still and just smiled as she called for me and then eventually I popped out and let her find me and she was really, really happy.

That was my naughty number one and these pictures show me being naughty number two. When my MH was working in my bedroom I nipped into the bathroom and as I was sitting in the wash hand basin and plunking the shower cord she tooked these adorable pictures of me which I am sure you will love.

I quite like being a wee bit naughty and I think that my MH likes it too 'cos she gave me lots and lots of cuddles today and she wouldn't do that unless she loved me millions.

Would she?

Monday, 1 June 2015

All Alone

Well, as I told you yesterday, I was to be on my own for a long time today as both my humans had to go away on the boat. However, it wasn't too bad as the window could be left open for me and I could nip in and out as often as I wanted.

I played outside for a while, but to be honest, my adorable little heart just isn't in it when I know that there is nobody waiting for me when I go home, so I generally just have a wee sleep till they come back and then I run to meet them and get a great big cuddle. They weren't away too long but I do miss them when they aren't here 'cos I am so used to nipping in the window and then going to find one of my humans for a wee pat or a cuddle or a chat and I know that they like that too.

I spent a lot of time with them when my humans came home and I cuddled in beside the old dear when she had to go and have a wee snooze and it was so lovely. She just lies under the top cover and I get to snuggle under the cover with and I just love it. I coorie in and purr until she goes to sleep and then I have a wee nap too.

It is so lovely, it is almost worth being on my own for!