Friday, 19 June 2015

A Fun Day

I have had a really good day today. I have been outside nearly all the time and my humans have been outside with me as well and that's what I love the most. My DH was working on his car today so I was able to sit with him watching all that he was doing and then when I got a wee bit fed up with that, I nipped into my house and I sat with my MH who was having an easy day.

She took me outside to see what my DH was doing and then she went into her little gym, but because the weather was good, she left the door open, so that I could go in and out as often as I liked. I kept my eye on her to make sure she was doing her exercises the right way and she appreciated that. When she was finished, she played with me on the grass and I ran all over my garden while both my humans stood and watched me and I could see them smiling 'cos I made them happy.

My MH took this picture of my lady sheep friends so that you could see them. There are lots of baby sheeps as well and one of them came ruight up to the fence today and I am sure it was asking me to play with it, but my humans needed me, so I just went home. I will see if it wants to play later on tonight. When I was sitting on my window sill, I saw this lovely boat sailing past my house and my MH liked it too so she tooked a picture of it. It comes past my window quite a lot of times, but it still needs the little boat to show it the way. It doesn't want to get lost, does it?

Me and my DH played with the string off the messages boxes and I made them laugh again with all the funny shapes I was getting into. I just love when he plays with me and the string. I can play with it on my own, but it's not the same as when my humans play with me.

It is much better fun!

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