Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Funny Story

I have liked today a lot. Both my humans have been at home with me and I have been very busy supervising my DH every time he went into the greenhouse and I heard him telling my MH that he was very happy that I went with him. I sat on the seat in the greenhouse and watched as he watered the plants and I gave them a wee purr to encourage them to grow, so we will probably have tomatoes tomorrow!

By the time we were finished in the greenhouse, my MH had put away her dusters and her vacuum cleaner and she was sitting on my couch, so I had a wee nibble at my biscuits and then with one ginormous leap I was on her knee and she was stroking my adorable little lugs which made me purr even more. I liked it lots.

When I was outside, I saw some little sheeps in one of the fields, so that is my evening perambulation all sorted! There was a lovely big sailing ship in the sea and me and my MH went outside to get a better look at it and she tooked this picture so that you could see it too. I liked it a lot. When we were outside, my MH was chatting away to me all the time and she told me a funny story that I liked and I laughed so much that she got this picture for you too.

I think I look very cute in this one, she said modestly! You will see that I have liked lots of things today and I hope it is the same tomorrow. And I hope it is also the same for you.

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