Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Wee Bit Busier

I was up quite early this morning and as the weather was lovely, I gobbled up my breakfast and then went into the field beside the little lambs and I spent a long, long time there just finding lots of new and lovely smells before I wandered back into my garden and lay on one of the benches in the sunshine.

My MH was still doing housework! I don't know what has got into her, but she is cleaning everywhere! The vacuum cleaner must be exhausted and I am sure the dusters are nearly worn done. I was very happy when my DH suggested that me and him should go into the greenhouse for a while. It was warm in there, but even better than that, it was QUIET! We sat there for a while and we had a chat about all the things my DH was going to do and then we listened and when we didn't hear the vacuum cleaner, we went back inside and chatted to the Boss.

I was a very happy 'cos I went into the bedroom just as my MH was making the beds, and she played our game with me and I loved being rolled up in my blanket. She rolled me over the bed and tickled my adorable little tummy and it was just brilliant. It was so brilliant that it tired me out and so I lay down and had a little nap ----- as you can see!

My MH told me she was going out to see one of her friends this afternoon and she was going to go for a walk, but just as she went out, the rain came on and she had to take her little car. I stayed in my house and just waited till she came home again, but at least she didn't get wet.

The rain has gone off again, so I will probably get out to play for a little while. But only if it is dry 'cos I refuse to get wet. I just don't like it at all!

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