Saturday, 27 June 2015

Much Better

I have had a very good day today. It has been warm and sunny and just perfect Squeak weather. I have been outside all day and have been so busy that I think I might have to have an early night, but I have loved it all.

Me and my MH were up quite early and she was able to leave the door open which meant that yours truly could come and go at will while the old dear sat on the couch and looked at all the lists she had made of things she needed to do. I am happy to say she has nearly finished everything and her list is just a little one now.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and I watched very carefully 'cos I might need to show A. what to do if he forgets. My humans gave him all his instructions last night, but he has been looking after me for so long now that he knows what to do. He is quite excited about the new lawn mower, but I will be staying well away from him when he is doing that!

Mr. Bully Boy was making a dreadful noise this afternoon, but then the nice farmer man next door put a lot of lady cows and some baby cows in the field and I think they gave him a telling off 'cos he has been much quieter. Maybe he was just a wee bit lonely and is happy now to have some company. I am not going near him though just in case he doesn't like puss cats. Even adorable ones like me!

I won't be writing to you for a wee while 'cos as you know, my humans are going away on their holidays, but as soon as they come back, I will tell you about all the fun that me and A. had while he was here with me.

I hope you have a good two weeks and I also hope you won't miss me too much. I will miss you :-(

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