Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Quite a good day...

....It hasn't been too bad a day for me at all although I was abandoned again for a wee while. As it is Wednesday, my DH went away to the Cat Shop in Stromness and today my MH had to go to the Hall 'cos the minister was coming over again so I asked if they could please leave the window open for me and I would play until my MH came home. It was quite windy but one of the windows in my living room could be opened just enough to let me in, so I quite happily nipped out into the fields to have a good explore.

I have discovered that there are lots of mouses in the fields now 'cos they are all wakening up after their big long winter sleep. While I was lying in the long grass in the sunshine---yes, the sun did shine for a while today---yippee! Anyway, I was thinking about the mouses sleeping all winter and I wondered if that might be a good idea for moi. But then I thought of all the dinners and treats I would miss. And all the cuddles I wouldn't get. And I wouldn't be able to climb up the Christmas tree when my humans put it up for me and I wouldn't be able to see all my human friends and my little animal friends, so I decided that this hibernation thingy wasn't for me.

I had a few wee rolls on my path and I was enjoying being out in the fresh air listening to the little birdies and watching the mummy cows with their little babies when suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, the big bad wind appeared and it brought some really heavy rain with it, so I got up and ran home as fast as my little legs could carry me and I was really glad that my humans had left a window open 'cos I would have been absolutely ringing if I had been left outside and that would have been a great shame. Ding, dong Hee hee

I sat on my window sill for a while and watched the cows in the field and then I had a very short nap until I heard the door opening and in came my MH with a great big cuddle for me and I loved it so much that I forgave her for going away to leave me. She didn't have anything to do today, so I sat on her knee and we watched Andy winning at his tennis game and my humans were very pleased for him but I was a wee bit sad 'cos Raffa lost and that means I won't see him for a while.

I like Andy, but I love Raffa!

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