Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sleepy Sunday

We have all had a very lazy day today and I for one have been very happy with it. My humans don't do very much at all on Sundays although sometimes my MH cuts our grass but she did that yesterday and she was a very happy MH today 'cos there was rain last night and this morning and the grass would have been too wet for the old dear to tackle if she had left it till this afternoon.

I know it was raining last night 'cos I was outside at the time. My MH had gone to bed and once I knew that she was all settled down, I asked my DH to please let me out, which of course he did. I was having lots of fun outside and, because it doesn't get dark on my little island just now, I could see everything and I knew where all my little animal friends were. I heard my DH whistling for me, but I wasn't ready to go in, so I pretended I didn't hear him. I know that was a wee bit naughty, but in a way he expects me to do that and I don't think he really minds. I played for a while and then I heard him again, so I sat very, very still so that he wouldn't see me and just as he was about to close the door, a great big rain shower came on and dropped right on poor little me.

Well, I got up very quickly and I raced home like a streak of lightning and my DH was amazed at my speed 'cos I was right inside my house before he had even got the door half shut! I made him smile too and I heard him telling my MH all about it and she told him that she knew I didn't like the rain, so she wasn't surprised that I did that. My DH was happy it rained as it meant he could get to bed!

I have slept a lot today and as my MH is writing this for you, my adorable little head is on her laptop and the rest of me is snuggled in beside her on the couch, and that is one of my very favouritist places and I sit there every single night.

In fact,she says it is quite hard to do her typing 'cos my little lugs get in the way. But she manages 'cos she loves me being beside her. She tells me that every single night. Ah bliss! :-))

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