Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sometimes I Do Wonder

My humans often do quite silly things but today was one of the best and I was left wondering about the state of my dear old MH.

We were having a normal Saturday which was quite good but unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice and I decided that I would be staying inside for a while, so I settled down on my couch with the television paper and the remote so that I could decide what I would be watching and then I heard my MH telling my DH that if the rain went off she would try cutting the grass. Well. He looked at me and I looked at him and we both shrugged. I'll bet you didn't know that cats could shrug, did you? But then again, I am no ordinary cat, am I?

So, we all sat together for a while with the old dear watching the window and finally the wee shower went off and she flew out the door and the next thing I knew, she was running round the garden behind the lawn mower. Oh joy. Being a helpful little puss, I switched off my programme and nipped out the window to keep her company and we were doing fine until there was just about ten minutes grass left to cut, when the wind appeared from nowhere and the rain came on again, but heavier this time. I ran for the door and my MH followed me and I thought she was coming in, but do you know what she did? She put on her coat and hat and went outside again to finish cutting the grass in the rain! Oh dear, me and my DH just shooked our heads, but we didn't say anything 'cos we have both learned that it is much, much safer if we don't! Hee hee.

My MH was very happy in the afternoon, but that didn't stop her giving me a telling off after she found me sitting up on the unit where I am not supposed to be. Have you noticed though, my dear friends, that she takes my picture first, and then gives me a row?

And that's just another reason why I do wonder about her sometime!

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