Saturday, 18 July 2015

And a lovely Saturday

Except the weather on my little island is not very good and my poor old MH is feeling it cold. I told her that I was feeling very sorry for her, but then I did point out that if she didn't abandon me to go away to very hot places, then she wouldn't have to come back and be cold. See? I think that makes purr-fect sense, but she just smiled, so I don't think I am going to win that argument!

I have had a very good day and have been outside for a couple of short trips and then straight back in again to warm the old dear by sitting on her knee. We watched the tennis on my television and it was a great match and I am so glad that Andy and Jamie won. I like them----but I love Raffa. Sigh! My MH worked very hard yesterday doing lots of ironing. Now there's another reason she would be better staying with me. She wouldn't have millions of clothes to wash and iron. Hmm. I might try that argument next. That might have a better chance. I shall let you know.

We are having a a lazy Saturday and I am liking it very much. I am getting lots of sleeps, but I am also getting lots and lots of cuddles so I am an extremely happy little Squeak. And I hope you are extremely happy peoples!

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