Thursday, 23 July 2015

Another Good Day

I am having lots of good fun just now and it is keeping me very busy which I like. My MH has been a happy bunny today 'cos it has been raining! Now, I know that sounds odd, but she is only happy 'cos she cut the grass yesterday and if she had left it until today it would have been too wet. See?

She did some hoovering and dusting and then she did something she hasn't done for a long time. She played on our Wii. She hasn't been able to do that 'cos she had a sore hip, but now that she has a new one she can play again, so I guess that means I will be getting weighed again on it sometime.

I know there is something happening to me soon that I am not going to like. I am going to the V-E-T! I don't know when. I just know it is soon 'cos my cat carrier is out in my living room. Now I know you are wondering why that might be. Well, last year, when I was going for my MOT, as soon as the box arrived I disappeared under the bed! Oh it was great fun 'cos my MH couldn't get to me and neither could the old boy, so I thought I was safe, but then somebody rattled biscuits and my poor old tummy let me down so before I knew it, I was lifted up and bunged in the box then driven off to the pier to go to see the vet. Sigh!

So! This year the humans decided that if the box was out for a while before I was due to go in it, then I wouldn't be afraid of it, but I will not go into it unless I am forced to, so the little plan hasn't worked so far. I know I will have to go and I know it is to make sure I am still very fit and healthy but I don't like it one little bit and I shall only go into that box kicking and screaming and scratching and hissing!!

To be honest, I am quite looking forward to it! Hee hee

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