Monday, 27 July 2015

Another Super Day

That's what I have had. I even had a visit from my friend M. but I will let you into a wee secret. My friend M. is very nice and she talks to me but she never gives me cuddles or lifts me up like my friend S. does and you all know how much I love getting cuddles and being lifted up especially when whoever is lifting me up tells me I am adorable. My MH does that all the time and I just love it millions.

As well as a visit from my friend, I was outside in my garden and in the fields for most of the day and that is when I am just the happiest little puss in the world. My MH did her housework, as usual!, and I played outside until she put the vacuum cleaner in its cupboard 'cos I know when she is finished, she has a wee seat on my couch, so I nipped back inside and had a wee seat on my MH! Hee hee

A wee while later we both went outside so that she could hang out her washing and just as I was about to spring up the clothes pole, I heard the bully boy in the field give a great big bellow and it completely wasted the moment for me so I plopped down onto the grass and ran right behind my MH to protect her of course! :-)) We watched the bully boy for a while and he just roared at us and we decided he wasn't very happy, but when we were talking to the nice farmer man next door we mentioned this to him and he told us that Mr. Bull just needed some female company, but he needn't look at me 'cos I don't really fancy being friends with a grumpy old bully boy thank you very much!

I will be heading outside later on 'cos it is still a very good night and it is still weather to leave the window open for me which is just how I like it. I just love being able to stay out until it is very late knowing that I can get inside again whenever I feel like it. It might not have been the brilliantest summer, but it has suited me just fine so far.

AND, there is still no visit to the V-E-T yet although I did hear the old dear tell my friend M. it might be tomorrow, so I think I shall disappear into the furthest away field in the afternoon so my humans won't be able to find me. Oh yes. I have a plan!

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