Monday, 20 July 2015

Monday, Monday

.... and a very back to normal Monday with my DH sailing away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and my MH staying at home. And since it is a normal Monday, it meant that the vacuum cleaner and the dusters and the steam machine were all out. Oh dear. At one point I so wished that I could use the phone 'cos I would have phoned my friend A. and asked him to come back and look after me, 'cos he rarely took out the vacuum cleaner and that is just how I like it.

However, it didn't take the old dear too long and she was soon sitting on my couch with me sitting on her lap and that made us both very happy. When my DH came home we watched the golf on my television, but to be honest, I can't get very excited about it 'cos Andy is not there and neither is Raffa, so I just had a snooze while he told my MH all about his day. I will tell you a little secret, my dear friends. I think my MH had a wee snooze while he was telling her all this!! Between you and me, sometimes he takes an awful long time to say not an awful lot! Hee hee

It was the start of Shopping Week in Stromness today and that's when there are lots of things happening in the town and my DH said he was very busy in the shop, so I am being very gentle with him. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very great but I have still been able to get out for a couple of plays and that keeps me happy. I am having a snooze on my couch right now while I am transferring all these ideas to my MH who is writing them on her computer for you, but I know that when I waken up again, I shall be ready to go out a-hunting and a-playing until bedtime.

There are still lots of lovely sheeps in the field in front of my living room, so I can have plenty of company if I want, and then when I get sleepy and want to cuddle up beside my dear old MH, I just nip through the fence, and jump up onto the window sill, in through the (open) window and nip into my bedroom after a little stop in my kitchen to have a wee bedtime nibble.

Oh, I do love my routine. It is quite brilliant, and I hope you like it too.

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