Thursday, 30 July 2015

What a Day

I am exhausted! I am sure if you look very closely at this picture, you will see little bags under these adorable eyes. I know you will be desperate to find out who or what has been giving me this grief and I shall tell you.

I was having a lovely morning playing in my garden and in my jungle, keeping well out of the way of the hoover and the duster and the polish and just as the old dear was finishing and I was getting ready to spring onto her knee when she sat on my couch, we got visitors. Now, as you know, I normally love visitors but this time there were two grown ups and two baby humans. Not the tiny sleeping and crying little bundles of babies. Oh no, these were the running around chasing pussy cat types of babies and at first they were very good and I was just the purr-fectest hostess as I stood very still and let them stroke me and they liked that a lot. But then, when they got braver, the decided that they would like to catch me and pick me up ----by my tail!

No,no, no! I was having none of that and even when my MH and their mummy told them to be gentle with me I knew they weren't listening, so I took myself off to my little hiding place and I disappeared under my couch---very quickly! They tried to get in beside me but it is only big enough for puss cats to fit in, so I did get peace for a little while. However, every time I tried to come out and see what people were doing, they tried again and I decided to disappear altogether so I ended up under my bed. At least it was quiet. They were lovely little children but I am not really used to little baby humans and to be quite honest, I don't think I like them. Shame.It was very quiet in my house when they went away, but my humans were very happy that they had come to see them.

I had a rest for a while and then I went out to play, but I just had a very gentle stroll round my garden and it was then that I saw this little cow friend of mine having its dinner and I thought you might like to see the picture that my MH took. I think it is lovely.The weather is getting better tonight, so I think I will be out for a long time and as there are sheeps and cows in the field in front of my house, I shall have plenty of company and I will be able to tell them all about my visitors.

I'm sure I will get lots and lots of sympathy!

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