Monday, 31 August 2015

A No-news Day

I have been a very lazy little Squeak today and have spent most of the day sleeping, but I have sleept on lots of different places, so I did get a wee bit of exercise.

I was able to stay out rather late last night and when I went home, both my humans were in bed and my DH was already snoring, but my MH was still reading so she got up to close the window and I got a treat at the same time, then we both snuggled up and went to sleep.

Today was a very normal Monday in my house with my DH away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters, and even the spitting steamer machine came out as well, but I stayed out of the way of that one 'cos I definitely don't want to be a steamed puss.

It has still been raining a lot on my little island, so it wasn't really a day to be out playing, but I did go out for a couple of trips to the fields and then I went home again. None of my little animal friends were out playing and I was a bit lonely, but as soon as I jumped in through the window, my MH gave me a big cuddle and talked to me, and I wasn't lonely any more.

There was another rainbow in the sky and here is its picture which I hope you like. This afternoon, my MH was playing on her Wii, but I very quickly disappeared into my wee hoose and watched her from there 'cos I didn't want to play and sometimes she lifts me up to get weighed and I just didn't feel like it today, and because my MH knows me so well, she just left me in peace.

She is a good MH and we just love one another MILLIONS!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday Again

... but the weather still isn't very good, so I am afraid my MH was a bit disappointed when she realised she couldn't get the rest of the grass cut today, and the way it has been raining, she won't get it cut tomorrow either. Shame :-)

You know that my humans don't normally do much work on a Sunday, but for some reason, the old dear decided to wash all the insides of the windows today. Maybe 'cos we washed all the outsides yesterday before it rained, so as usual, I just wandered round my house watching and listening to her which is a favourite past time of mine as you all know.

And then she went out. Oh dear. Just after she set off to go to the graveyard, the rain came on and it poured. Me and my DH knew where she was and we also knew she would be 'ringing' when she comed home to us. And she was. She had got wet, but she didn't really mind. Me and my MH quite like the rain but only if the wind isn't shouting at us at the same time.

Once she had all dried off, we sat on the couch and she just cuddled me and I liked it lots. I will probably go out to play later on but I think I will have to be prepared to get wet 'cos that's what it has been doing all day. Dry for a wee while and then lots of rain again.

I think I might need a wee wet-weather outfit. Four adorable little boots, a waterproof coat, but I haven't decided what colour yet, a hat to match with holes for the adorable little lugs and maybe an umbrella. Now, why an umbrella, I hear you ask. Well, if it is winding a lot, I could learn to use the umbrella like a parachute and it would take me home if the wind was going my way. See?

My MH was up in a parachute a few years ago when they were away on their holidays. It was tied to the back of a speed boat and she went away up in the air higher than the lighthouses on my little island and she loved it. Where was my DH? On the boat! I think my MH is very brave, but the old boy was a wee bit not so brave. Shame.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Oh I did feel sorry for my dear old MH today, but I was also quite happy at the same time. Explain? OK

We didn't need to get up too early and when we did, the weather wasn't too bad, so my MH decided that she would do some work outside and that made me a very happy Squeak, 'cos when she is outside, so am I. So, after we all had our breakfast and I had the last wee drop of milk, I helped her take the steps outside and round to the front of my house and then we came back for the basin of water, the cloth and the machine 'thingy' that she uses to dry the windows when she has washed them. When she was busy, one of the lady cows came right up to my fence and stood and watched her and my MH very politely said 'hello' and the cow made the biggest 'moo' you have ever heard! It made me and the old dear jump, but I think the lady cow was just saying hello back to us. Either that or she was telling my MH that she had missed a bit.

It was time for another wee seat and then my MH decided to go down and see my friend S.'s puss and keep her company for a wee while and she asked my DH to take out the lawn mower for her for when she came back, and guess what happened? Yep. It rained. She got half the garden cut and then it rained so heavily that we had to run fast so that we didn't get wet. It rained all afternoon and she didn't get back out again so half the grass is cut and the other half isn't and the old dear isn't best pleased! Shame Hee hee

There was a lovely rainbow after that and my MH tooked this picture for you which I think you will like. I went out to play for a while and when I went back in, I sat on my MH's knee and she discovered that I had taken in a whole lot of midges that were in my adorable little coat,but she got rid of them all before they made us too itchy. We don't like those little midges at all and if they are still there later on, I won't be going out.

But I hope the rain has made them all go away again.

Friday, 28 August 2015

A Better Friday

I have had a very good Friday. We have all been at home and I was needed to help my DH fix a wee door in my bathroom, so I watched him very carefully and I purred when he got it finished and that made him very happy.

My MH just did little bits of work so I followed her round as well and listened while she talked to me and that made ME happy, so you will know why I have had a good day. There was a funny wee bit this afternoon and I shall tell you all about it. The old dear decided that she wanted to wash all the outsides of our windows and so she went and filled up her bucket of water and got her window machine and we tooked them all round to the front of my house and the she went back inside for the steps 'cos she is just little and the windows are too high for her. But, as soon as she got outside again the rain came on --- really heavy--- and we had to scoot back inside before we got too wet. And the windows never got cleaned! Oh dear. Maybe tomorrow.

My friend A. came to say cheerio to us all today as he is going away back to university and he needed to see me before he went so I gave him a big cuddle and some very loud purrs to keep him going till he comes back to see me at Christmas. He said he is going to miss me, so my MH told him we would write to him and he liked that.

Later on in the afternoon, me and my MH were sitting on my couch while she was writing on her computer and I decided that I would learn how to write to my friend A. and that is what I am doing in today's picture.

Don't I look cute?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Just me.....

....and him. My MH was away swimming today so it was just me and my DH in my house and we looked after one another very well. It has been a lovely day on my little island and it was even very hot through the day so I had great fun playing in the long grass and watching my DH as he worked in our greenhouse.

I was playing in my garden when I saw my MH's wee kangaroo coming up the road and as soon as she got out of it, I ran up to her and I got a great big cuddle which made me very happy and then I followed her all over my house as she did all the things she had to do and she told me what she had been doing and she said her wee legs had swimmed lots and they were happy little legs, so that made me happy too.

But then the rain came on and I still had to go out to play 'cos that's just what I do and by the time I decided to come home again, I was very wet and my DH had to get a great big towel and make me all dry again. But I liked it lots.

I might go out later but I might just cuddle up beside my MH 'cos I missed a lot of cuddles today and I know that I will get them if I sit beside her.

Oh decisions, decisions!! Hee hee

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Still Not Brilliant

It has been a good day inside my house, but a not so good day outside. It has been wet and drizzly and I have been soaked two or three times, but as soon as I plopped in through my window, my MH was there at the toot to make me all dry again with her towel. I will tell you a wee secret. It was worth getting wet just so that I could be cuddled dry again and as it is still raining, I think I will be having lots more 'drying off' cuddles.

My DH sailed away to Stromness and me and my MH sat on the couch and worked out what our day was going to look like. We have a lazy day on Wednesdays 'cos my MH just does little bits of housework so there was lots of time to spoil me and play with me.

I was just left on my own for a short time while my MH went away to speak to another puss. I shall let that sink in for a minute. She went to see another puss, but I was not jealous and I shall explain why. This other puss belongs to my friend S. and she has had to go away from our little island for a while and she didn't want her puss to get lonely so my MH said she would go and visit, and because my friend S. does the same to me when my humans are away I don't mind at all. In fact, I am very happy that she is doing it. Oh, I am such a good puss, am I not?

I am having a snooze on my couch now and it is raining, but if it ever goes off, then I shall go out to play, but I have been told that I have to be home at a decent hour as my MH is going swimming tomorrow with her friend P and she needs her beauty sleep.

I will try and do what she has told me, but sometimes I am having such good fun outside that I forget, so we'll see.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Not a Brilliant Day

When I wakened up this morning, I did what I normally do and ran to my window to see what my little weather man had sent me and I couldn't see anything at all! I rubbed my little eyes, but when things were just the same, I realised that it was foggy. Very foggy! Sigh.

It doesn't keep me in, you understand, but I can't see very much and I have to listen very carefully in case I run into a tractor. I went outside for a while, but to be honest, my little heart just wasn't in it, so I just nipped in through the window and helped my MH with her housework. She didn't have too much to do, so I just followed her round as she dusted and listened while she talked to me 'cos I like that.

But then she told me something that I didn't want to hear. She needed to go to Stromness for the afternoon and I had to be left at home with my DH. It was fine, though and I was quite happy but about four o'clock, I sat on one of the window sills and watched for her little kangaroo coming up the road and then I ran to the door and I got a great big cuddle which I was waiting for and then, when we were altogether, I was very happy.

The mist has never really gone away all day and if it stays like this tonight, I think I will just be going out to play for a little while, but we'll see what happens later.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday Again

So, another week begins for this adorable little puss. I was out quite late last night, but I wakened when my DH's alarm went off and I got up so that he could feed me. Usually it is the Boss who does this 'cos she is normally up first, but when my DH is going to the Cat Shop she stays in her bed and lets him get ready so he feeds me on shop days and then I nip out to play for a while till my MH gets up.

We have a routine every morning which you know all about and it involves me and my MH sitting on my couch while she has her breakfast and then I get the last drop of milk before the old dear starts her housework and I start my day playing and hunting. It is a very good routine and I like it lots especially if the weather is good and today wasn't too bad although not as great as I would have wanted.

It didn't keep me in though and I was out lots of times playing in the long grass which I just love and then in the afternoon I went into the gym with my MH and I sat and watched as her little legs did lots of walking on her treadmill and then when she was finished, I tooked her home and sat on her knee while she recovered!

I will probably go out later, but it is quite misty on my little island so I probably won't stay out too late and also 'cos my MH says she has to go to Stromness tomorrow so she need me to be home early so that she can get to sleep.

And as I am a very good puss, I shall do just that!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Super Sunday

As you know, Sunday is usually a very lazy day in the Squeak household and today was no exception. My humans like to do very little on a Sunday and that leaves them lots and lots of time for the most important part of this family. ME!

I was a little bit tired today as I had been out very late last night and when I did come home, both my humans were sound asleep. Well, my dear old MH was asleep till I gently landed on her chest purring as loudly as I could to let her know I was back and was just a tad starving! And you all know the rest, don't you? Do you think I am a spoiled puss? I know I am, but I am so worth it.

So today I was quite happy just to lie beside my MH or on her knee as she did all the wee things she had to do but every now and then,she would have a wee wander into the garden and I went with her and had a play in the grass as she watched me. She had thought that she might clean all the outside of the windows, but it was a bit too windy for her, so she told me that we might do them tomorrow. I like when she does them 'cos it means she is outside with me for a long time and of course, she talks to me all the time and I like that.

I got a surprise today when my MH got a message from my friend B. who told us that she wanted to paint me, and my MH said that was OK. Now, I was a tad upset at this idea 'cos I like being black and white and I thought my MH liked me being that colour too and now she wanted me to be painted a different colour! But then she explained. I can be a little silly-billy at times, but now I know that going to make a picture of me.

Maybe I will become a famous puss. Well, famouser that I already am! Hee hee

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Another Cracker

I had a very good sleep last night 'cos I didn't come home till half past one o'clock in this morning and even my DH was in his little bed and was snoring, but as you all know, I didn't need to be quiet for him 'cos even if I played the bagpipes at the end of his bed, he still wouldn't hear me. Now, there's a picture for you. This adorable little puss, perched on the end of a bed blowing into some bagpipes. Oh I think I shall have to stop for a minute while I have a giggle!

On the other paw, my MH wakens as soon as she hears me 'plop' onto the carpet so she knows I was out late. But that doesn't worry her. She is just too happy to have me back home again and ready to curl up beside her. So, I didn't get up too early this morning and when I did, I was delighted to see that my little weather man friend had sent me some lovely weather and it was warm too, so I was off!

I played outside for a long, long time and then I noticed my MH was back in my garden picking up some weeds so I ran to help her and we just had the very bestest of fun. She picked up some grass and throwed it for me to chase and I ran and ran all over the garden and at one point my MH said it looked as though I was bouncing. I was a very happy Squeak. I love it when my humans are outside playing with me and my MH stayed out for a long time while my DH was watching the football.

I have been outside nearly the whole day, but the window is still open which means I can nip in and out as much as I like and I think I may be staying out very late again. Maybe even later than last night. Yippee. I got a big surprise when I came home just after dinner time 'cos on a little plate beside my dishes were some little prawns---all for me! Oh they were lovely and I gobbled them all up.

I only got two or three 'cos my MH says if I become a fat Squeak, I might get stuck in the fence when I am trying to jump through it and that would never do now, would it?

I don't think that will happen though 'cos I am a very fit and VERY adorable little puss. Hee hee

Friday, 21 August 2015

A Lovely Day

I like Fridays. To be honest, I like most days 'cept the ones when my humans have to go away and leave me, but all the others are good and some are brilliant and today was a very good one.

It was quite warm and it was dry, so that is perfect Squeak weather and I was off immediately after breakfast. I didn't even wait for my drop of milk. I just wanted out to play 'cos I was bouncing with energy. I had a play on my own and then I noticed my DH going into our greenhouse, so I toddled in there after him and I sat very quietly watching him while he put new strimmer cord on the reel thingy and then I left him all alone 'cos I knew he was going to take the strimmer out again and it is even worser that the mower.

I went and found the old dear just as she was having a rest on my couch, so I plopped my adorable little bum on her knee and she stroked me and talked to me while I purred back to her and we were both very content, but then it got even better when she decided that she wanted a wee walk so we both went outside and watched all the cows and sheeps as we walked round my house and it was very good.

Then I nearly missed a really good bit. I had gone away for another great big adventure and I did hear my MH calling for me, but I decided I was too busy and I didn't go home till later and when I did, both my humans were outside again and my MH had been needing my help to gather up some more weeds, but by the time I did come home she was nearly finished and the rain was coming on.

I managed to help her a wee bit before we had to go inside, but I think I will come home right away the next time she calls. Maybe!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

All at home

I like it when we are all at home together and that's what today was and even the weather was quite good, so as I sat on my MH's knee this morning finishing off 'our' milk, I had to work out what I was going to do with my day.

It was quite an easy decision though 'cos Thursday is cleaning day and although it is not as busy as a Monday, I still prefer to be out of the way of the vacuum cleaner as it races all over my house dragging my MH behind it, so I gobbled up my breakfast and headed outside and at the same time, the old boy was wandering into the greenhouse, so I kept him company for a while and that made him happy.

The window was open, so every now and then I would go back into my living room to see what was happening and work out when the coast would be clear for me to back home. It didn't take too long for her to finish and then it was time for me and my MH to sit on my couch and have a good old girlie chat while she stroked me and that was lovely.

In the afternoon, my MH put out the washing and that was my cue to run all over my garden and up and down the clothes poles and then when that was all finished, the old boy decided he needed to strim all the edges of the grass that my MH had cut and my garden is looking lovely again. I heard my MH saying that she was going to do some weeding tomorrow so I will be helping her and I have asked my little weather man friend if he can give us some good weather to keep us dry.

I hope he can manage it.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

All Alone

I have been up very early this morning 'cos my MH was going away on the first boat to have a day out with some of her lady friends so we had to have our breakfast early and even at this very early hour, yours truly was such a good Squeak that I got a very special cuddle. Explain? OK

My MH was sitting on my couch finishing her cereal and I was sitting on my window sill. She asked me if I wanted some milk and I didn't move. She asked me again and still I didn't move and then she came to see what I was staring at and it was two little sparrows having a bath in a wee puddle on front of my window and I didn't chase them or hurt them and my window was open! I just watched them and I think I almost smiled and when the old dear realised what I was doing she gave me a great big cuddle and I was very happy.

So, off she went on the boat and then my DH got up and he went away to the Cat Shop on the next boat and I was all alone in my house, but the window was still open so I could get out to play whenever I wanted to and I managed to entertain my adorable little self till I heard the door opening and they both comed home to me at the same time and I was happy again.

I don't have any news for you as you will have worked out so I thought I would show you some more pictures of my hunting grounds and in one of them you can see where me and my MH have our little gym and you can also see a bit of the farm that the nice man next door has. Some of my cow friends are in the picture too.

The one with the lighthouse shows you Sandside beach and the big house is where my friend S. stays. Now, there is a bit of a mystery in my house about the beach 'cos one time when my humans were away on holiday and J. and A. were looking after me I was away for a long, long time. J. told them I was away for hours and hours and when I finally did come home I had sand on my little feets and they think I was away down to the beach. This would have taken me about twenty minutes and my humans don't think I did go there, but I can't tell them so they will never know. But I don't think I would, even if I could. Hee hee

Another story I like is when my MH got her gym built and my DH got his greenhouse built. The nice farmer man next door said that the house must be for me! I like that a lot and if I ever learn how to open my packets of dinner and treats, I might just lock them out, but till then I am happy to share.

Generous to a fault. That's me! :-)))

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bah! Humbug!!

I went to sleep last night a very happy little Squeak. As you know, it had been a beautiful day on my little island and the sunset was glorious.

Me and my MH went outside to look at the sky which kept changing colours and she tooked this picture for you which I just love.

We stayed out for a long long time and I ran and ran round my garden and all the lady cows were watching me and I am sure I could see them smiling. I was running very fast and my MH just managed to catch me in her camera but it is a bit blurred because I was going at the speed of light and I am sure you can see sparks on the grass from my adorable little feets. So, by the time we went to bed, I was a very happy and a very tired little puss and I was sure it was going to be another lovely day.

As soon as I wakened up this morning I scooted through to my living room to look out of the window to see what it was like, and guess what? It was raining! Oh, boo. I was so not happy. I knew I could still go out but I also knew that my humans wouldn't be coming out to play with me and that made me sad. However, I decided I would just need to make the best of the day and as luck would have it, the old dear was changing all the sheets and duvet covers and she let me help her which made me a lot happpier 'cos there lots of cuddles and tickles as we worked very hard.

The rain didn't go off the whole day and it is still raining, so I don't know if I will be going out much later. I shall see and of course I will let you know.

Monday, 17 August 2015

My Hunting Ground

I have had a brilliant day again and it came as a bit of a surprise. Me and my MH wakened up about seven o'clock in this morning and we couldn't even see the gate at the end of my path 'cos it was so misty, so we just snuggled up again and had another sleep and then when we wakened up the next time all the mist had gone and the sun was shining. Yippee!!

I gobbled up my dinner so quickly I had the hiccups again, but once I had rolled on the path once or twice they disappeared and I stayed out just for a wee while until I knew my MH would be finished her cereal and I could get the last wee drop of the milk. Oh, I love that milk.

It was Monday and that means cleaning in my house, but I didn't mind 'cos it was so lovely outside that my humans could leave the door open so I could hear when it was safe to go back in for a cuddle. There is always a cuddle for me whenever I ask for it and sometimes I get one without even asking!

Today's pictures are nearly all of my garden and they are for all my friends out there but specially for my friend B. 'cos she said she liked my garden and she knew why I loved being outside so much. I tooked my MH outside this afternoon and when she was taking these pictures I ran as fast as I could and threw my adorable little self into the pampas grass and she clicked me in her camera and we both think it is a funny picture and I hope you like it too.

We were in the gym this afternoon and when my MH's little legs were doing their exercises on the bike, my friend M. came to see us, so when we were finished, we all went into my house and had a chat and I sat on M's knee and she cuddled me as well.

This is my favourite picture of today 'cos you can see my shadow in it too, and I really like that.

So, that has been my day and now I am looking forward to my night. The weather is still brilliant so I think I will be out until it is very, very late. I hope!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Quite a good day

I have had some good fun, lots to eat and some very lovely sleeps so I have had a good day. Sunday is always a lazy day in my house but my MH was still playing with her cards and her silly cone stuff so I have been very careful where I have put my little feets, but she told me and my DH that she was all finished for just now. You see, what she does is this. She cuts out all the bits of lots and lots of cards and then she puts them away and has a rest for a while. The next step is to build up the cards and she needs glue and this silly cone stuff and then when the bits are all stucked together, she puts them away again for another while. Then after another long while, she decorates them all and that's them finished. See? They are lovely when she is finished, but I'm afraid I get a bit jealous 'cos it means there is less time for my pampering, but when I told her this today, she told me that I will be the centre of her world again as from NOW! I am happy.

We had a play together in my garden and I had a very good idea. My friend B. told me that she understood why I didn't wander away from my garden 'cos it was lovely. So, I suggested that my MH took some pictures of all the different bits of it so that you can see where I play and she said that if it is nice and dry tomorrow she will do that for me---and for you.

My MH had to go away out for a while this afternoon and I sat in my garden and waited for her coming home to me and as soon as I saw the little kangaroo coming in my gate, I rolled over on my back and waited for my usual tummy tickle, and I was not disappointed. Oh, it was good and it made me giggle which makes my MH giggle too.

Later on, I asked her to play with me on top of the bed and she did just that. She covered me up in my blanket and tickled me again and then she went into my living room thinking that I would follow her, but do you know what I did? I fell asleep! I was so comfortable and cosy that I just drifted off and when the old dear came to look for me all she could see was my blanket gently moving up and down.

But it wasn't the blanket that was breathing, it was me, Squeak! She thought I looked adorable but she left me in peace to have a wee snooze.

She is a good MH sure she is?

Saturday, 15 August 2015


It has been quite an odd day today. A good day, but a bit odd. When we all got up, it was wet 'cos it had been raining and it looked as though it was about to rain some more and when my DH went into the greenhouse he said it was cold outside too. I decided I would wait and get my milk before I ventured out and as luck would have it, I was just outside for about five or maybe even five and a half minutes when the rain came on and my adorable little body got wet so I had to take it home to get it dried.

It wasn't winding or blowing so the window was open for me and when I jumped into my living room my MH saw my predicament and made me all dry again in an instant. I also got a wee treat just because.... I get lots of 'just because' wee treats and I like them very much. My MH then went into the other room to do some more of her cards and she is working with something called 'silly cone' and I have to stay away from it 'cos she told me that if I get it on my little paws, I will get stuck onto whatever I am standing on---for ever!! I think she might be pulling one of my little legs, but I am not taking any chances, so I sat on the chair and watched her and I listened too 'cos she talked to me all the time.

When she was finished, we went out into my garden for a while and it was dry and warm so we stayed outside together for a long time and I saw lots of birdies playing on my grass. There were two birdies which made us smile 'cos they were wagtails and we think one was a lady wagtail and the other was a man wagtail, but the were running across the grass and their little legs were going ever so quick but then the lady wagtail would run over to the man wagtail and give him a wee kiss. My MH thought this was lovely and I had a wee blush, but it was nice.

It is beginning to get warm again and the sun is even shining and it will soon be bedtime so that's why it has been a bit odd. I thought you might like to see a couple of my birdie friends who came to see me today. I can't show you the wagtails 'cos they were running about too fast for the old dear to catch them. Her little legs can't go that quickly any more. I wonder if they ever could?

After my dinner, I went away into the fields for a great big explore but as some of the ground is still very wet, I had to be careful where I put my little feets 'cos there have been sheeps and cows out there and we all know what sheeps and cows leave behind, sure we do?

Yes, not stuff one wants on ones's adorable little paws, is it? :-))

Friday, 14 August 2015

A Fine Friday

....Although the weather hasn't been just so good, but at least all the rain that my little weather man friend said was going to come, didn't, so I have been outside nearly all day. I don't go very far away from my house because I don't need to. There are fields all round and some of these have really long grass so I can lie and hide if I want to.

Sometimes there are animals in these fields but the nice farmer man next door keeps moving his cows and sheeps to different fields so sometimes they are empty and that's the only time I get a wee bit lonely 'cos then I don't have anybody to play with, but most of the time I have plenty to do and see. Sometimes I even lie in the long grass and watch my humans but they can't see me and that makes me smile. It also means that if they are doing anything interesting, then I can be there in a flash. Straight through the fence in one go and that always makes my humans smile!

I was out in the field in front of my house this afternoon when I thought I heard voices in my living room and so I nipped in to see what was happening and I discovered that there were three visitors in my house, so I had lots of knees to sit on and I tried every one a few times until I found my favourite one. Well, my favourite 'visitor' knee 'cos as you know, my very favourite knee is always my MH's.

We had a very good afternoon and I enjoyed being spoiled and now I am just about to wander outside again and see what is happening. The rain has stopped so I will stay out until I get tired or until it comes back on again and then it is back into my house for me and up on to the old dear's knee again.

Oh, yes. A very fine Friday.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Normal at last

We were all at home today and I liked that. It is my very favourite time when we are all together and even the weather was good which made it even better except for one little thing! The lawn mower!

My day started off with a wander round my garden and into the fields then back into my house just in time to get the last drop of milk from my MH's cereal and then I sat and watched as the old dear ran round with the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. Every now and then she would stop and give me a cuddle and we would have a wee chat. My DH was nipping in and out to the greenhouse and sometimes he would stop and give me a wee cuddle too, so I have been very well cuddled today.

When my MH was listening to the news, my little weather man friend told her it was going to be a good day today, but it would be raining tomorrow and it was then that I heard the dreaded words---'lawn mower'. Oh my dear friends, my adorable little heart wasn't happy and I decided to try my magic spell again to make the mower not work. I went out to the shed with my humans and watched as they pulled out the mower, and guess what happened when they tried to start it? It wouldn't!! Oh I was so happy, but I had to go away into another bit of my garden to do my somersaults 'cos if they had seem me, my humans would have know it was me. But it was short lived. My MH gave the machine a wee rest and then she talked nicely to it ---- and it went!! Oh bother, I was not at all happy, but there was nothing I could do but follow her round the garden as she cut the grass.

There was one good wee bit though 'cos when all the cows saw my MH playing with her mower, they all came right up to my fence and waited till she emptied the grass bag into the field and they gobbled it up and I was oh so close to the mummy cows and the baby ones and even the bully boy stopped shouting which was a bit of a bonus!

So, it was a good afternoon after all and as it still a good evening, I am getting ready to get outside again and I don't think I will be coming home till it is very late. I will probably sit in the garden in front of my house 'cos I saw a little mouse there yesterday and I sat for a long, long time and waited for it to come out and play with me, but it wouldn't, so maybe I will go and see if it is still there and if it will play with me tonight.

Oh, yes. I like being back to normal, thank you very much.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Girlie Day Number Three

My DH was away again today, but this was his 'normal' away day to the Cat Shop and me and my MH did lots of things together which I just loved.

We started off doing some weeding all round my house and I chased the bits of grass when she throwed them over to the bucket and that was good fun. There aren't many weeds 'cos every time one pops its little head up my MH runs out at pulls it up. She doesn't like weeds in my garden, but you have probably worked that out already!

After that, it was hanging out the washing time and when she did that I ran up and down the clothes poles and then we saw these wee birdies sitting on my fence, and the old dear tooked this picture for you. I played out nearly all day 'cos the weather has been super on my island and every now and then my MH would come out to see where I was and she would tickle my adorable little tummy when she found me. I liked that too. I played roly poly on my path 'cos it was lovely and warm there and I stayed outside for a long time. Then I did something a wee bit naughty.

I didn't mean to be naughty and I didn't know I was being naught until it was too late. I shall explain. I was outside and my MH had gone in, so I needed to see what she was doing and I was in such a good mood that I was running everywhere and I was going at the speed of lightning again. I noticed she was sitting at the table, so I flew in the living room door, bounced on to the back of my couch and then zoomed onto the table and it was in mid-zoom that I noticed she was making some cards and all the little bits of paper were sorted in neat little piles. They weren't any more! They were sort of lying all over my floor and I was sitting where they should have been. Oh dear. It was time for one of those 'I am really sorry' looks and it worked---again! Phew!!

I offered to help pick them up, but my MH just lifted me up and put me on the couch out of the way, but she wasn't angry, and we all know why.

'Cos she loves me millions!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Funny Tuesday

It was just me and my MH in my house today again 'cos my DH decided to go to Kirkwall to do some shopping. He got my MH a radio thingy for her Kangaroo car 'cos she likes her music and seemingly this Kangaroo can't sing. I am not going to even think about this one as this Kangaroo car is making me very confused.It is lovely and I like so I think we'll just leave it at that.

It was still a house working day, but not as much as yesterday and I made my MH laugh a lot again. I was having a mid morning snooze in my wee hoose 'cos I had been outside playing when my DH went away on the boat, but then when my MH started dusting in one of my bedrooms, she turned round and what do you think she saw? Yes, it was me. I had nipped up onto the bed so quietly that she didn't even hear me and she was a bit shocked when she saw me there, but then she stroked my adorable little head and we both had a giggle. Me and my MH giggle a lot when we are together, and my DH just shakes his head. But we know he likes it.

I spent my morning following the old dear around my house, but staying well out of the way of the vacuum cleaner. Well, one can never be too sure, can one? At one point, when my MH needed a wee rest, she sat on the bed beside me and as she was talking to me to tell me she loved me millions, she tickled me under my little chin. Oh ecstasy! Oh bliss! Oh I liked it. She tells me she loves me every single day, but today was special as she was tickling me at the same time and I was purring---rather loudly--- and it made her laugh again. She told me that I was purring so loud that she was sure my friends H. and P. in Germany might hear me! I think she was exaggerating, but I don't really know where Germany is, so maybe she was telling the truth. Maybe?

I was out playing when my DH came home again and my MH was very pleased to see him 'cos he managed to get just what she wanted for her car, so he got a gold star and he was happy too.

It has been a good day with fine weather and my little weather man friend said it might get better, so I think I am going to be a very happy little puss playing out as much as I want and staying out as late as I possibly can 'cos the window can be left open for me so that I can come home whenever I feel like it.

I like nights like this and I hope we have lots more of them. Please, little weather man friend. Make an adorable little puss very happy!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday again...

... and my DH sailed away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop while me and my MH sat on the couch and worked out what we were going to do with our day. Between you and me, I don't know what she needs to think about 'cos I think the whole world knows by now that Monday in my house is cleaning day. It is always cleaning day unless she has to go somewhere but I think she just likes me sitting on her knee listening to her, and I am quite happy to do just that.

So the vacuum cleaner appeared along with the dusters and the spitting steamer thingy, so I decided it was time for me to see what was happening in the big outside world. At least it was quiet and there was no danger of me getting hissed on by the steamer or sooked up into the vacuum cleaner!

It was a super day outside, so I was very happy playing and at one point I spotted two little birdies so I went into stalker mode and crawled towards them and I made my MH laugh 'cos she just happened to look out of the window when I was doing that, and she told my DH that if I had been any lower, my adorable little tummy would have been scraping on the chips in my garden! I had good fun, but I didn't go near the birdies. I just like pretending I am a big game hunter, but I am too soft hearted to hurt them. And besides, my MH would be really angry with me and I don't want that.

A wee while later I helped the old dear hang out her washing and I did my usual party piece of running up the clothes poles and I am sure that one of the little birdies I had been stalking flew right past my head. There was a shocked look on its face when it saw this adorable little Squeak hundreds of miles up in the air! Hee hee

I don't know if I will be going out to play later as it is pouring with rain now and I have already been soaked, but if it dries up a bit then I shall nip out and see what is happening 'cos I just love being out late at night when it is getting dark and there are no peoples about just me and all the little night time animals.

It is really good fun being a pussy cat then.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

And a super Sunday

Oh I am such a happy little puss. I have had a very good day 'cos my little weather man friend has made my weather good enough for me to get out to play as often as I wanted and so I have been outside playing and exploring and being the bravest little puss in the en-tire world!

Three other things made me very happy too and I shall tell you all about them. When my humans were away on their holidays, they met some people and my MH told them all about me and now one of these peoples is telling her grandchildren all about me and do you know what? They think I am adorable!! So, I have even more people who think I am wonderful. I am almost blushing, but I know they are right.

My friend S. came to see me this afternoon and I got lots of cuddles from her and you know that always makes me a very happy puss 'cos I just LOVE getting cuddles. Cuddles is what I was made for!

And my last surprise, so far, 'cos it is still early--- when my dear old MH put on her computer there was a letter from my friend J. telling me that I had even more paw pals, so I will need to get busy and start writing to them and telling them all about me. It is just the magicest fun hearing about all the pussy cats who live in different places and who do different things from me. Do you you that some of these puss cats have never seen a cow or some sheeps? But maybe there are things that they have seen and done that I don't know about and so we have lots to tell one another when we do write.

I think I am a very lucky puss cat. I know I am a very happy puss and I hope you are happy too.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Again....

.....and a good Saturday, too. The weather was fine when I wakened up, although that was the second time I had wakened 'cos I think I maybe had a wee nightmare in the middle of the night and it wakened me up and made me frightened, so I asked my MH for a cuddle. Now, as she was sound asleep, I had to ask a couple of times, but I have found that a wee lick on her nose always does the trick, and it did again, so I cosied in beside her and I was all right again and not frightened, but it was funny---but not funny ha ha, you understand.

However, by the time it was the 'real' time to get up, I was fine and after my breakfast and the last of the milk in my MH's cereal bowl, I was off into the fields and the long grass to see what news there was from all my animal friends. They were all quite well, but Mr. Bull was in a bad mood again and was making a terrible noise, so I stayed well away from him. I do not know what is wrong with him. He groans if he is on his own and now he is groaning--VERY loudly--and the field is full of lady cows and baby cows so he has plenty of company. If I was brave enough I would ask him, but I'm not!

This was the pattern for most of my day although I did have a wee sleep high up on my shelf above the printer when my MH was writing a letter. I like it up there and my humans said I looked just like an ornament. But I am MUCH more adorabler than an ornament. Sure I am?

I was just a tiny bit cheeky this afternoon, but I didn't get into any trouble for it. My friend M. came to see my humans today and he was sitting in his usual chair at the window and I was outside. Now, M. doesn't really like puss cats. Not just me --well, how could you NOT like me?---but he doesn't like any puss cats and so sometimes I torment him a little bit, and I did that today. He was sitting with his back to the window so that he didn't see me coming in and I walked very quietly along the window sill and then jumped onto his shoulder! Oh it was funny,---and definitely funny ha ha this time!-- but my MH isn't sure if she will ever get his coffee off the ceiling!

Oh, my dear friends, every time I think about it, I laugh until the tears are rolling down my adorable little cheeks. Brilliant. Just brilliant!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Still Better

I have had a lovely day. A super duper day. The weather was good. Both my humans were at home with me. AND, there was no vacuum cleaner or dusters! Oh I am such a happy little Squeak.

We were up a wee bit earlier than planned 'cos the postie man had a parcel that my MH had to sign for, so we just stayed up as it was a good day. We had our breakfast and after I had drinked up the last of my MH's milk I went out to play while she tidied up a bit and then she came out to find me and we played in my garden for a while before I toddled off into the fields to be on my own for a while.

A while later, I saw the old dear coming out again to hang up some washing and I ran right across the field, straight through the fence without even slowing down and ran straight up the clothes pole. Now, I must tell you that as all this was happening, my poor old MH was bending down getting something out of the wash basket, so she didn't see me until she stood up again and there was me at the top of the clothes pole. Oh dear, she nearly falled down on the grass, but then she just giggled and I must say I was relieved!

We left the grass and went round to the garden at the front of my house where I helped my MH pick up some more weeds and sometimes I would sit and watch her while other times I would run and take a ginormous jump into the middle of the pampas grass and that made her laugh especially as I had timed one of my more spectacular jumps just as my DH was coming into view and he just shooked his head and then we all laughed.

That took us quite a while and then when the old dear went inside, I decided to have a wander through another fence to have a chat to some of my little cow friends. They had been watching us very closely through the fence, and to be quite honest, at one point I was a wee bit frightened but I just snuggled in beside my MH and I was fine 'cos she told me the cows were just being nosey and they wouldn't hurt me, so that was much better.

I went away for a very long walk in the afternoon and just arrived home in time for a short snooze and then it was dinner time. so you can see why my day has been so good and it look as though my night time might be even better.

Oh yes, I am a very happy little Squeak.