Friday, 14 August 2015

A Fine Friday

....Although the weather hasn't been just so good, but at least all the rain that my little weather man friend said was going to come, didn't, so I have been outside nearly all day. I don't go very far away from my house because I don't need to. There are fields all round and some of these have really long grass so I can lie and hide if I want to.

Sometimes there are animals in these fields but the nice farmer man next door keeps moving his cows and sheeps to different fields so sometimes they are empty and that's the only time I get a wee bit lonely 'cos then I don't have anybody to play with, but most of the time I have plenty to do and see. Sometimes I even lie in the long grass and watch my humans but they can't see me and that makes me smile. It also means that if they are doing anything interesting, then I can be there in a flash. Straight through the fence in one go and that always makes my humans smile!

I was out in the field in front of my house this afternoon when I thought I heard voices in my living room and so I nipped in to see what was happening and I discovered that there were three visitors in my house, so I had lots of knees to sit on and I tried every one a few times until I found my favourite one. Well, my favourite 'visitor' knee 'cos as you know, my very favourite knee is always my MH's.

We had a very good afternoon and I enjoyed being spoiled and now I am just about to wander outside again and see what is happening. The rain has stopped so I will stay out until I get tired or until it comes back on again and then it is back into my house for me and up on to the old dear's knee again.

Oh, yes. A very fine Friday.


  1. Your garden is delightful Squeak. No wonder you enjoy going out.

  2. I love my garden Bonnie and I have asked the Boss to take more pictures of it just for you so that you can see where I have all my adventures and I hope you like them.