Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Funny Tuesday

It was just me and my MH in my house today again 'cos my DH decided to go to Kirkwall to do some shopping. He got my MH a radio thingy for her Kangaroo car 'cos she likes her music and seemingly this Kangaroo can't sing. I am not going to even think about this one as this Kangaroo car is making me very confused.It is lovely and I like so I think we'll just leave it at that.

It was still a house working day, but not as much as yesterday and I made my MH laugh a lot again. I was having a mid morning snooze in my wee hoose 'cos I had been outside playing when my DH went away on the boat, but then when my MH started dusting in one of my bedrooms, she turned round and what do you think she saw? Yes, it was me. I had nipped up onto the bed so quietly that she didn't even hear me and she was a bit shocked when she saw me there, but then she stroked my adorable little head and we both had a giggle. Me and my MH giggle a lot when we are together, and my DH just shakes his head. But we know he likes it.

I spent my morning following the old dear around my house, but staying well out of the way of the vacuum cleaner. Well, one can never be too sure, can one? At one point, when my MH needed a wee rest, she sat on the bed beside me and as she was talking to me to tell me she loved me millions, she tickled me under my little chin. Oh ecstasy! Oh bliss! Oh I liked it. She tells me she loves me every single day, but today was special as she was tickling me at the same time and I was purring---rather loudly--- and it made her laugh again. She told me that I was purring so loud that she was sure my friends H. and P. in Germany might hear me! I think she was exaggerating, but I don't really know where Germany is, so maybe she was telling the truth. Maybe?

I was out playing when my DH came home again and my MH was very pleased to see him 'cos he managed to get just what she wanted for her car, so he got a gold star and he was happy too.

It has been a good day with fine weather and my little weather man friend said it might get better, so I think I am going to be a very happy little puss playing out as much as I want and staying out as late as I possibly can 'cos the window can be left open for me so that I can come home whenever I feel like it.

I like nights like this and I hope we have lots more of them. Please, little weather man friend. Make an adorable little puss very happy!

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