Friday, 21 August 2015

A Lovely Day

I like Fridays. To be honest, I like most days 'cept the ones when my humans have to go away and leave me, but all the others are good and some are brilliant and today was a very good one.

It was quite warm and it was dry, so that is perfect Squeak weather and I was off immediately after breakfast. I didn't even wait for my drop of milk. I just wanted out to play 'cos I was bouncing with energy. I had a play on my own and then I noticed my DH going into our greenhouse, so I toddled in there after him and I sat very quietly watching him while he put new strimmer cord on the reel thingy and then I left him all alone 'cos I knew he was going to take the strimmer out again and it is even worser that the mower.

I went and found the old dear just as she was having a rest on my couch, so I plopped my adorable little bum on her knee and she stroked me and talked to me while I purred back to her and we were both very content, but then it got even better when she decided that she wanted a wee walk so we both went outside and watched all the cows and sheeps as we walked round my house and it was very good.

Then I nearly missed a really good bit. I had gone away for another great big adventure and I did hear my MH calling for me, but I decided I was too busy and I didn't go home till later and when I did, both my humans were outside again and my MH had been needing my help to gather up some more weeds, but by the time I did come home she was nearly finished and the rain was coming on.

I managed to help her a wee bit before we had to go inside, but I think I will come home right away the next time she calls. Maybe!

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