Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Very Strange Saturday

.... but don't worry, it was only the weather that made it strange. When we all got up and after I had eaten up all my breakfast my MH left the door open for me and said it was going to be a lovely day and if it stayed like that she would come out into the garden with me and then she would clean her windows and cut the grass and my DH said that he would do some strimming so that my garden looked lovely again. So, that was the first part of the day sorted out and oft I went to have a play before all the serious work started. And the guess what happened? Yep, the rain came on and I had to rush in before I was soaked and my dear old MH never got the grass cut or the windows washed, although the rain sort of washed them for her.

Between you and me, dear friends, i think my DH has been learning my rain dance 'cos he didn't really want to do the strimming. He wanted to watch football on my television instead! I think I will have a quiet word with him because we can't have just anybody getting the steps to my rain dance, can we?

I had a very good afternoon though 'cos the Boss decided to do some writing and that meant she was sitting down and when she is sitting down, there is a knee for me to lie on and that's just what I did. Sometimes I do feel sorry for the old dear because she gets herself into some very odd shapes when she is writing or working on her computer and I am lying beside her. She tries not to disturb me and work round me, but sometimes it is quite hard and she does make lots of mistakes. I know this 'cos she is a 'tutter' and when she makes a mistake I can hear her tutting but I just ignore it 'cos I like being on her knee or cuddled up beside her and I know she likes it too.

I have made my plans for tonight but whether they work out or not is really up to the weather. Right now the sun is shining and it is a very lovely night and if it stays like that I shall be going out to play once I have had my snooze, but if the rain comes on again, then I shall just sit on my window sill and watch the outside until it is good enough for me to venture out.

I hope it stays fine as I am needing to use up some of my energy and I need to see how all my little animal friends are getting on, so my adorable little paws are crossed and I hope it stays like this, but I will tell you tomorrow. I hope you are having a good weekend too.

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