Wednesday, 19 August 2015

All Alone

I have been up very early this morning 'cos my MH was going away on the first boat to have a day out with some of her lady friends so we had to have our breakfast early and even at this very early hour, yours truly was such a good Squeak that I got a very special cuddle. Explain? OK

My MH was sitting on my couch finishing her cereal and I was sitting on my window sill. She asked me if I wanted some milk and I didn't move. She asked me again and still I didn't move and then she came to see what I was staring at and it was two little sparrows having a bath in a wee puddle on front of my window and I didn't chase them or hurt them and my window was open! I just watched them and I think I almost smiled and when the old dear realised what I was doing she gave me a great big cuddle and I was very happy.

So, off she went on the boat and then my DH got up and he went away to the Cat Shop on the next boat and I was all alone in my house, but the window was still open so I could get out to play whenever I wanted to and I managed to entertain my adorable little self till I heard the door opening and they both comed home to me at the same time and I was happy again.

I don't have any news for you as you will have worked out so I thought I would show you some more pictures of my hunting grounds and in one of them you can see where me and my MH have our little gym and you can also see a bit of the farm that the nice man next door has. Some of my cow friends are in the picture too.

The one with the lighthouse shows you Sandside beach and the big house is where my friend S. stays. Now, there is a bit of a mystery in my house about the beach 'cos one time when my humans were away on holiday and J. and A. were looking after me I was away for a long, long time. J. told them I was away for hours and hours and when I finally did come home I had sand on my little feets and they think I was away down to the beach. This would have taken me about twenty minutes and my humans don't think I did go there, but I can't tell them so they will never know. But I don't think I would, even if I could. Hee hee

Another story I like is when my MH got her gym built and my DH got his greenhouse built. The nice farmer man next door said that the house must be for me! I like that a lot and if I ever learn how to open my packets of dinner and treats, I might just lock them out, but till then I am happy to share.

Generous to a fault. That's me! :-)))

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  1. I did not realize how small your island is, and that you can see your friend S's house from yours. It is beautiful Squeak and I am glad you are sharing your house with your humans, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing you or your special home.