Sunday, 2 August 2015

But a good Sunday

I am liking these days. My little weather man friend has finally managed to fix the weather a wee bit so that it is not raining all the time and so I have been out playing quite a lot, and my humans have been outside with me nearly all of today which has been super duper.

I had a rather unexpected trip out last night and my humans thought it was quite funny. I was lying on my MH's knee while she was sitting on the couch and I was having a lovely sleep, when the old dear got very sneaky and stuck my de-flea and de-worm stuff on me! Now, you all know how much I do not like this, so in a flash I was down on the floor then up onto the window sill and out of the window! Just like a streak of lightening! Mr. Bolt, the athlete would have been very proud of me, I can tell you. My DH thought I might have left home for good, but my MH told him I would be back 'cos I hadn't taken any food or biscuits with me, and sure enough, about an hour later, my adorable little tummy told me it was running on empty and so I jumped back in the window and forgave her!

We have all had a good day today and the old dear is very pleased with herself 'cos she got the grass cut and all my cow friends are very happy with her too 'cos she emptied the grass bag into the field and they were able to eat it all up and they told me it was very good, so we are all very pleased with ourselves.

I, of course, was out supervising and made sure my grass was cut to my liking,--- which it was-- and then I lay down on the chips in front of my kitchen and I discovered that stones don't make very comfortable pillows. But I did manage to have a wee siesta in the sun until the old dear was finished and ready to come and sit on the bench so that I could go and sit on her.

Well, she is a bit softer that all those chips! And I am quite a delicate little Squeak! :-))

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