Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Girlie Day Number Three

My DH was away again today, but this was his 'normal' away day to the Cat Shop and me and my MH did lots of things together which I just loved.

We started off doing some weeding all round my house and I chased the bits of grass when she throwed them over to the bucket and that was good fun. There aren't many weeds 'cos every time one pops its little head up my MH runs out at pulls it up. She doesn't like weeds in my garden, but you have probably worked that out already!

After that, it was hanging out the washing time and when she did that I ran up and down the clothes poles and then we saw these wee birdies sitting on my fence, and the old dear tooked this picture for you. I played out nearly all day 'cos the weather has been super on my island and every now and then my MH would come out to see where I was and she would tickle my adorable little tummy when she found me. I liked that too. I played roly poly on my path 'cos it was lovely and warm there and I stayed outside for a long time. Then I did something a wee bit naughty.

I didn't mean to be naughty and I didn't know I was being naught until it was too late. I shall explain. I was outside and my MH had gone in, so I needed to see what she was doing and I was in such a good mood that I was running everywhere and I was going at the speed of lightning again. I noticed she was sitting at the table, so I flew in the living room door, bounced on to the back of my couch and then zoomed onto the table and it was in mid-zoom that I noticed she was making some cards and all the little bits of paper were sorted in neat little piles. They weren't any more! They were sort of lying all over my floor and I was sitting where they should have been. Oh dear. It was time for one of those 'I am really sorry' looks and it worked---again! Phew!!

I offered to help pick them up, but my MH just lifted me up and put me on the couch out of the way, but she wasn't angry, and we all know why.

'Cos she loves me millions!

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