Thursday, 6 August 2015

Much Better

Yes, my day has been much better. My MH kept her promise and stayed home with me today and gave me cuddles as often as I wanted, and I wanted lots 'cos I had two days worth to catch up on. I am nearly there!

The alarm in my house went off this morning at half past seven o'clock which is quite unusual in my house, but, as I told you yesterday,my DH was going to the Dounby Show with the Cat Shop people and he needed to get the first boat. Me and my MH said hello to him and then we went back to sleep for another wee while.

When we did get up, we sat on the couch for a while and my MH stroked me and talked to me and then I went out to play while she did some hoovering but every now and then, I would nip in through the window and find her wherever she was so that I could get a cuddle. I managed to catch her just as she was making the beds and she let me play my favourite game of hide and seek under the duvet. I just love that game and my MH knows that.

We went outside in the afternoon when the sun came out and I helped the old dear do some weeding and that was good fun too 'cos when she threw some of the little weeds towards the bucket, I chased after them and that made her giggle, but I now know that she doesn't want them back so I just jump on them and then run back to where my MH is.

So we have had a very good day and the weekend is going to be good too 'cos both my humans will be at home and I will have plenty of attention whenever I need it.

Oh, goody!

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