Tuesday, 4 August 2015

No News

I don't have any news for you at all today 'cos my dear old MH has been away to Stromness so she doesn't know what I have been doing. Mind you, I didn't do very much. I just played in my garden and waited till she comed home to me again, but I did help my DH to make some spaghetti bolognaise for their dinner and because I was so very good, he gived me a wee drop of mince which I gobbled up very quickly.

I was quite happy to be able to have a bit of an easy day because I stayed out very late last night and it was nearly three o'clock this morning when I wandered home and nipped in through the open window. It was a fine night and there was so much for me to do and it took me all that time. I could have stayed out longer, I think, but I was beginning to feel a bit tired and just a little bit peckish so I knew it was hometime.

I nipped into the bedroom and up on to the bed beside my MH, just to let her know I was home and that I was fine. Well, that's my side of the story which makes me look good, but the truth was that I needed her to feed me, so I just gave her one of my 'I could take a wee bite to eat if you felt like getting up' looks which work every single time. Putty in my paws! It never fails.

I have a couple of pictures for you which the old dear took at the weekend and these ones show you how I keep my adorable little self all lovely and clean. I hope you like them.

It has been a bit windy today but it is better tonight. Sometimes that happens on my little island. The days are not very good, but the nights are lovely and I did wonder if my little weather man friend was doing that just for me, but it's just a thought!

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