Thursday, 13 August 2015

Normal at last

We were all at home today and I liked that. It is my very favourite time when we are all together and even the weather was good which made it even better except for one little thing! The lawn mower!

My day started off with a wander round my garden and into the fields then back into my house just in time to get the last drop of milk from my MH's cereal and then I sat and watched as the old dear ran round with the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. Every now and then she would stop and give me a cuddle and we would have a wee chat. My DH was nipping in and out to the greenhouse and sometimes he would stop and give me a wee cuddle too, so I have been very well cuddled today.

When my MH was listening to the news, my little weather man friend told her it was going to be a good day today, but it would be raining tomorrow and it was then that I heard the dreaded words---'lawn mower'. Oh my dear friends, my adorable little heart wasn't happy and I decided to try my magic spell again to make the mower not work. I went out to the shed with my humans and watched as they pulled out the mower, and guess what happened when they tried to start it? It wouldn't!! Oh I was so happy, but I had to go away into another bit of my garden to do my somersaults 'cos if they had seem me, my humans would have know it was me. But it was short lived. My MH gave the machine a wee rest and then she talked nicely to it ---- and it went!! Oh bother, I was not at all happy, but there was nothing I could do but follow her round the garden as she cut the grass.

There was one good wee bit though 'cos when all the cows saw my MH playing with her mower, they all came right up to my fence and waited till she emptied the grass bag into the field and they gobbled it up and I was oh so close to the mummy cows and the baby ones and even the bully boy stopped shouting which was a bit of a bonus!

So, it was a good afternoon after all and as it still a good evening, I am getting ready to get outside again and I don't think I will be coming home till it is very late. I will probably sit in the garden in front of my house 'cos I saw a little mouse there yesterday and I sat for a long, long time and waited for it to come out and play with me, but it wouldn't, so maybe I will go and see if it is still there and if it will play with me tonight.

Oh, yes. I like being back to normal, thank you very much.

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