Sunday, 16 August 2015

Quite a good day

I have had some good fun, lots to eat and some very lovely sleeps so I have had a good day. Sunday is always a lazy day in my house but my MH was still playing with her cards and her silly cone stuff so I have been very careful where I have put my little feets, but she told me and my DH that she was all finished for just now. You see, what she does is this. She cuts out all the bits of lots and lots of cards and then she puts them away and has a rest for a while. The next step is to build up the cards and she needs glue and this silly cone stuff and then when the bits are all stucked together, she puts them away again for another while. Then after another long while, she decorates them all and that's them finished. See? They are lovely when she is finished, but I'm afraid I get a bit jealous 'cos it means there is less time for my pampering, but when I told her this today, she told me that I will be the centre of her world again as from NOW! I am happy.

We had a play together in my garden and I had a very good idea. My friend B. told me that she understood why I didn't wander away from my garden 'cos it was lovely. So, I suggested that my MH took some pictures of all the different bits of it so that you can see where I play and she said that if it is nice and dry tomorrow she will do that for me---and for you.

My MH had to go away out for a while this afternoon and I sat in my garden and waited for her coming home to me and as soon as I saw the little kangaroo coming in my gate, I rolled over on my back and waited for my usual tummy tickle, and I was not disappointed. Oh, it was good and it made me giggle which makes my MH giggle too.

Later on, I asked her to play with me on top of the bed and she did just that. She covered me up in my blanket and tickled me again and then she went into my living room thinking that I would follow her, but do you know what I did? I fell asleep! I was so comfortable and cosy that I just drifted off and when the old dear came to look for me all she could see was my blanket gently moving up and down.

But it wasn't the blanket that was breathing, it was me, Squeak! She thought I looked adorable but she left me in peace to have a wee snooze.

She is a good MH sure she is?

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