Saturday, 29 August 2015


Oh I did feel sorry for my dear old MH today, but I was also quite happy at the same time. Explain? OK

We didn't need to get up too early and when we did, the weather wasn't too bad, so my MH decided that she would do some work outside and that made me a very happy Squeak, 'cos when she is outside, so am I. So, after we all had our breakfast and I had the last wee drop of milk, I helped her take the steps outside and round to the front of my house and then we came back for the basin of water, the cloth and the machine 'thingy' that she uses to dry the windows when she has washed them. When she was busy, one of the lady cows came right up to my fence and stood and watched her and my MH very politely said 'hello' and the cow made the biggest 'moo' you have ever heard! It made me and the old dear jump, but I think the lady cow was just saying hello back to us. Either that or she was telling my MH that she had missed a bit.

It was time for another wee seat and then my MH decided to go down and see my friend S.'s puss and keep her company for a wee while and she asked my DH to take out the lawn mower for her for when she came back, and guess what happened? Yep. It rained. She got half the garden cut and then it rained so heavily that we had to run fast so that we didn't get wet. It rained all afternoon and she didn't get back out again so half the grass is cut and the other half isn't and the old dear isn't best pleased! Shame Hee hee

There was a lovely rainbow after that and my MH tooked this picture for you which I think you will like. I went out to play for a while and when I went back in, I sat on my MH's knee and she discovered that I had taken in a whole lot of midges that were in my adorable little coat,but she got rid of them all before they made us too itchy. We don't like those little midges at all and if they are still there later on, I won't be going out.

But I hope the rain has made them all go away again.

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