Friday, 7 August 2015

Still Better

I have had a lovely day. A super duper day. The weather was good. Both my humans were at home with me. AND, there was no vacuum cleaner or dusters! Oh I am such a happy little Squeak.

We were up a wee bit earlier than planned 'cos the postie man had a parcel that my MH had to sign for, so we just stayed up as it was a good day. We had our breakfast and after I had drinked up the last of my MH's milk I went out to play while she tidied up a bit and then she came out to find me and we played in my garden for a while before I toddled off into the fields to be on my own for a while.

A while later, I saw the old dear coming out again to hang up some washing and I ran right across the field, straight through the fence without even slowing down and ran straight up the clothes pole. Now, I must tell you that as all this was happening, my poor old MH was bending down getting something out of the wash basket, so she didn't see me until she stood up again and there was me at the top of the clothes pole. Oh dear, she nearly falled down on the grass, but then she just giggled and I must say I was relieved!

We left the grass and went round to the garden at the front of my house where I helped my MH pick up some more weeds and sometimes I would sit and watch her while other times I would run and take a ginormous jump into the middle of the pampas grass and that made her laugh especially as I had timed one of my more spectacular jumps just as my DH was coming into view and he just shooked his head and then we all laughed.

That took us quite a while and then when the old dear went inside, I decided to have a wander through another fence to have a chat to some of my little cow friends. They had been watching us very closely through the fence, and to be quite honest, at one point I was a wee bit frightened but I just snuggled in beside my MH and I was fine 'cos she told me the cows were just being nosey and they wouldn't hurt me, so that was much better.

I went away for a very long walk in the afternoon and just arrived home in time for a short snooze and then it was dinner time. so you can see why my day has been so good and it look as though my night time might be even better.

Oh yes, I am a very happy little Squeak.

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