Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday Again

... but the weather still isn't very good, so I am afraid my MH was a bit disappointed when she realised she couldn't get the rest of the grass cut today, and the way it has been raining, she won't get it cut tomorrow either. Shame :-)

You know that my humans don't normally do much work on a Sunday, but for some reason, the old dear decided to wash all the insides of the windows today. Maybe 'cos we washed all the outsides yesterday before it rained, so as usual, I just wandered round my house watching and listening to her which is a favourite past time of mine as you all know.

And then she went out. Oh dear. Just after she set off to go to the graveyard, the rain came on and it poured. Me and my DH knew where she was and we also knew she would be 'ringing' when she comed home to us. And she was. She had got wet, but she didn't really mind. Me and my MH quite like the rain but only if the wind isn't shouting at us at the same time.

Once she had all dried off, we sat on the couch and she just cuddled me and I liked it lots. I will probably go out to play later on but I think I will have to be prepared to get wet 'cos that's what it has been doing all day. Dry for a wee while and then lots of rain again.

I think I might need a wee wet-weather outfit. Four adorable little boots, a waterproof coat, but I haven't decided what colour yet, a hat to match with holes for the adorable little lugs and maybe an umbrella. Now, why an umbrella, I hear you ask. Well, if it is winding a lot, I could learn to use the umbrella like a parachute and it would take me home if the wind was going my way. See?

My MH was up in a parachute a few years ago when they were away on their holidays. It was tied to the back of a speed boat and she went away up in the air higher than the lighthouses on my little island and she loved it. Where was my DH? On the boat! I think my MH is very brave, but the old boy was a wee bit not so brave. Shame.

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  1. I think your MH was very brave. I'm impressed!