Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Well .....

....if I had no news for you yesterday, I have even less for you today 'cos BOTH my humans went away to leave me all alone, so I can't tell you what I did.

In fact, there was only one human person left on my little island to look after all us animals 'cos everybody went over to Stromness to have a lunch and our little island was nearly empty. It was lovely and quiet and if I had known how to tell the time I might have taken a wee wander down to Button's house to have a wee pussy cat chat, but I was frightened that my humans might have been back before I got home again, so I didn't go. I just played in my garden instead until I saw my MH's little Kangaroo car bouncing up the road!

I got a great big cuddle and then when she put all her messages away she lifted me up onto her knee as we sat on the couch and she told me I would be the centre of her world tomorrow, so that made me happy. Tomorrow is the Dounby Show where there are lots of stalls and the farmers show off all their animals and the Cat Shop is going to be there so my DH is helping them, but me and my MH are staying home together and I am looking forward to getting spoiled.

I am so, so worth it!

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