Monday, 7 September 2015

A Big Adventure

Oh,I have had a super day, and I have done something today that I have never ever done before in all my almost six years on this planet and I LOVED it and it has given me an idea of what I might learn during the winter, but I need permission--and help---with that one.

So, our day started off a wee bit different than we thought it would. We knew my DH would be going to the shop, but we thought my MH would be going to Kirkwall to be on a jury. However, she got a letter on Saturday to tell her they didn't need her any more. She was disappointed and I was a wee bit sad for her 'cos she was disappointed, but I was very happy 'cos she was home with me.

I helped her with all the housework and we had some seats and chats as we went along and then the nice farmer man next door came to see us and it was then that I had my adventure. He came to my door and my MH asked him to come in, but as he was wearing all his farming stuff and his boots were mucky, he said he had better stay outside and could my MH go out. So we did and it was then that I saw it. The tractor! A great big red, shiny tractor stopped at my gate with its door open.

As the humans were talking, I nonchalantly wandered down my path and through my gate and sniffed at all the great big wheels and there were some lovely smells that I had never experienced before. Some of them were quite nice, but oh, my dear friends, some of them made my eyes water. Phew! What a pong.

I looked up and I saw a little step and decided to see where said step went and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was right up on the bonnet of the tractor and it was wonderful. I was so high up I could see the whole world nearly and I liked it lots. I nipped down onto the little step again and this time I went into the cabin and I sat on the seat with my front paws on the great big steering wheel and I was in heaven.

By this time, my MH noticed me but she didn't have her camera with her and she was disappointed 'cos she said it would have been the magicest picture ever! I was a very happy little Squeak and I am thinking of asking the nice farmer man next door if I could help him when he is driving this lovely tractor. I could sit beside him and he could talk to me when he is doing his work and then he wouldn't be lonely, so it would be good for both of us.

I think that is a brilliant idea, so my adorable little paws are crossed that he will say yes. I think I know what I might be dreaming about tonight! Hee hee


  1. Sweet dreams Squeak. I can picture you sitting there with your paws on the steering wheel.

  2. Oh Bonnie, it was just the bestest fun I have had in my whole life and I hope I can do it again and again. Paws crossed.
    Lots of special purrs for you.