Saturday, 19 September 2015

A Huge Discovery

I have finally found out why I am not very good at hide and Squeak when I am playing with my MH and I think if you look very closely at today's pictures, you will see too. I discovered this when I was looking at some pictures my MH had taken of yours truly this morning.

I have had a very good day with my humans although my dear old MH was not very happy at the weather. She had done her washing and put it out on the ropes while I climbed the clothes poles and had great fun and then a while later, when she just happened to look out the window she saw a horrid wet mist running across my little island and she knew her washing wouldn't get dried so we had to go away out again to bring it in and put it on the pulley.

I was quite happy 'cos there are lots of places for me to play in the utility room too, so I played while she worked and then we both went into my living room to watch the tennis with Andy and his big brother and we were so happy that they won. I am very glad that puss cats don't bite their claws 'cos I would have none left.

It was a brilliant match and me and my humans were very happy that team GB won the game, but we need to go through the same excitement again tomorrow, and between you and me dear friends, I don't think my adorable little nerves can take much more!

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