Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Letter.....

.... from me, Squeak to my little weather man friend. Please can you make my weather better. Please, please, PLEASE! I am fed up with all this grey, wet stuff and so are my humans, so a wee bit of sunshine would be lovely, please. I wouldn't even mind if it meant the lawn mower came out again. I just want some warm sun on this adorable little body!

You will have gathered from that heartfelt plea that it has not been a very good day outside and my MH is not best pleased 'cos her little lawn mower fingers are itching to get out and cut the grass, but she would have got blowed off her little feets, so she didn't even try it today. She said maybe tomorrow, but we are not holding our breath.

Apart from the weather, I have had a very good day. It is Saturday and Saturdays are good days in my house 'cos I get as much attention as I want. I played some more with my MH and my toys and I did go outside one or two times just to get some fresh air and use up some of this energy because tonight one of my favourite programmes is coming on my television and me and the Boss sit on the couch and watch Strictly and we just love it, and then on Sundays, my friend S. comes to my house--really to see me--but we all talk about it and pick out who we like the bestest and I like that bit too.

My friend S. will be home again from being away somewhere on Monday and I will be very happy for two reasons. For one, I will be happy to see S. again and the other one is a wee bit selfish 'cos it means that my MH doesn't have to go away and leave me every afternoon to go and see S.'s pussy cat and keep her company so she won't be lonely too much. I know I shouldn't mind, and I don't really but I just get a tad jealous. I'm only human, after all!! Well, you know what I mean? And anyway, S. would do the very same for me, but it will be good when she is home just the same.

And now for my next brilliant idea. Well, it's not really MY idea but it was my friend B. who mentioned that if I learned to knit then I wouldn't be lonely when my humans are away out and I think I will do just that. If I can manage I will knit myself a little coat so that I won't be too cold when I am out playing in the winter. Brilliant, is it not?

I wonder if I could knit boots too? I will ask B. 'cos she will know.

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  1. If you can manage a coat, you could certainly manage boots, just because you are brilliant. In fact, I imagine you could make one boot with your front paws, and one with your back paws, just because you are brilliant. I should be careful with my suggestions, because your MH will think I am not so brilliant. :)